Skinny jeans, leggings, miniskirts won’t suit you at all if you have those heavy thighs. Show off this summer with full zest in the summer clothes with highly toned thighs.

But is it possible to get rid of those heavy thighs? Or would you be hiding them in your lose jeans or long shirts this time around as well?

Well, you are going to hear a variety of answers to these questions. If you hear someone tell you that some specific foods you are eating are causing your thighs to get bulkier, do not believe that at all.

There is no such food that directly adds fats to some part of your body. These are misconceptions that have traveled to us through our ancestors and are nothing but mere myths.

Best thigh workouts for women

Thigh Workouts For Women – Introduction

When your body gains weight, on the whole, every part of the body gains weight equally. It depends on our physique and body structure that which part would get more prominent compared to the others.

It is important to know the details of the weight gain before we get to our topic of workouts for thighs. It’s all the game of calories.

A calorie is basically the unit to measure energy; Energy that is needed by the body to function properly and effectively.

When we consume any kind of food, our body breaks it up and converts it into calories which are further utilized by the whole body for functioning.

When we consume more food than that of the required amount, our body stores those extra calories into the body in the form of food to be later utilized for some functioning.

When this keeps on happening for a long time, the body eventually starts gaining weight.

So we conclude that when the body consumes calories, it needs to burn them as well and that happens when we move or work. When we don’t work to the required amount of work, we need to “workout”.

Although weight is not gained on targeted parts of the body; but the workouts could be targeted on those parts of the body, where we wish to lose weight.

It is possible because when we stress out a certain area of the body, the muscles of that area function more compared to the other parts of the body, resulting in burning the fat of that specific area to accomplish the workout and eventually loss of weight from that point.

Thigh workouts work on the same principle described above. Here in this article, you will find all about the weight gain on thighs and how to reduce them.

Practical Tips to Lose Thigh Fat:

Before we go to the discussion of thigh workouts, we need to know some basic tips to reduce the fat on thighs.

These are simple routine tips that will help you not only get toned and tight thighs but also have a toned body.

Since workout alone cannot help you lose weight and get in shape if you are not taking the controlled diet.

1. Get a Planner:

Plan your workout for thighs

Technology has not deprived the weight loss of its blessings.

Today with a smartphone in your hand, you can get a thousand apps on phone to keep a record of things you eat, tell the number of calories in them and the right kind of workout for losing pounds.

So all you need is to download an app that counts your calories and start loading it with each and everything you eat all day.

At the end of the day, you would be surprised to find out how much you consumed compared to the amount you burned.

2. Set Realistic Goals:

Remember to be realistic in defining your goals, you cannot kill all those extra calories in just one workout, you took time to gain, you need time to lose.

Once you have gone through the calorie count tip, you will now have the proper knowledge of the extra calories you are taking.

Pick a workout that brings the result of consumed calories and burned calories to zero i.e.

Calories Consumed-Calories Burned (Workout, walks, diet, etc.) =Zero

3. Find a Partner:

One practical tip that can help you lose your extra fats is finding a partner to help you and to motivate you, once you find an energetic weight loss buddy, the process speeds up.

You enjoy everything you do together and to defeat each other. This healthy competition is promising for a healthier outcome.

4. Moderate Aerobics:

Other than the proper exercises for thighs, try adding moderate aerobic exercises to your daily routine. Set a specific time interval for aerobics each day and enjoy them by changing them each day.

For example, go for cycling in park one day and try morning walk the other day, try mowing the lawn or taking the dog on a walk, all these are referred as moderate aerobic exercises that keep your body burning well.

5. Proper Workout Routines:

Follow your thigh exercise routine

Above all is the proper workout routine that you should follow for burning away all those extra fats.

There are a number effective thigh workouts that help you get toned and tight thighs, both inner and outer ones.

You just have to choose wisely and according to your capability to continue them daily.

6. Stay Consistent:

Last but the most effective tip is to stay consistent. Be it your controlled diet routine or your workout routine; you need to keep it going consistently.

Take breaks and rest days equally as they are a must to bring the body to relax and feel more energetic for next workout.

Having discussed the theory of weight gain and weight loss, let us move on to the workout routines that would play the helpful role in weight loss.

Top 5 Inner Thigh Exercises to Stay in Shape:

Here we have gathered the top five most effective exercises specifically for the inner thighs to get them toned.

1. Criss Cross Power Jacks:

This simple exercise directly engages your inner thighs to stretch and work and increases your heart beat rate as well.

All you have to do is to stand with your feet joined; then open up your feet with a little jump while taking your arms to your head and clap your hands above your head.

Now open the legs and bring right foot in front of the left one with a little jump again. Now repeat it for the left foot. Do these three steps with repetition.

2. Scissor Legs Plank:

For this exercise you have to get in the basic plank position and keep your legs apart, standing high on your wrists. Support your feet with a towel so they won’t slip on the floor.

Now start opening your legs slowly and keep opening them till you can. You will feel a good stretch in the inner thighs.

3. Frog Bend:

The next inner thigh exercise is called frog bend. As the name implies in this exercise you are required bend like a frog but lying on your back. This exercise is ideal in the time when you are short on time or traveling.

As this exercise does not require any equipment, it’s easy to go with. All you have to do is to lie on your back, hold your legs high in the air and slowly bend your legs towards you and then stretch them again. Keep repeating. Simple and easy.

4. Round The Room Frog Jumping:

One of the kids most favorite games it used to be, the frog leaps. It is the best exercise for thighs, and it pumps your heart at a really high rate, which causes the major calories to burn.

All you have to do is to stretch high your hand above your head and start leaping around the room. Jump up high and keep exhaling while coming back. This is one of the best cardio exercises as it involves all the body.

5. Squats:

Squats are classified as the best form of workout for the lower body, it does not only help reduce the thigh fat but it also helps tone up your hips and your calves.

All you have to do to perform a squat is to open your legs wide, arm relaxed on sides, now squat to your left and start flexing your right leg, pulling your arms in front of you while moving.

This completes your squat. Now do the same on your right side and keep repeating it in steps.

Remember to smile or laugh during your inner thigh workouts, it burns the calories and keeps you motivated to do the workout.

Top 5 Outer Thigh Workouts:

Having learned about the inner thigh workout, let’s move on to the outer thigh workouts. The outer thigh workouts or the hamstring workouts are not way too different from the inner thing workouts. Let’s start with the squats.

1. Squats with The Ball:

Squats, as told earlier are the best workout for the lower body. They give a tight and toned feel to the whole body. This time try the squats with the ball.

Place the ball at the wall on the height equal almost to your chest and press the ball with your back, hands on your sides. Open your legs and then bend down low till your legs can hold.

Then get up again and repeat the above step. Remember to stress your thighs a little in the beginning while you hold.

2. Cross Jacks:

This variation of jumping jacks which targets not only the outer thighs but inner thighs too.

This exercise is one of the most basic exercises that help in enhancing the metabolism and heartbeat, thus helping you burn more calories.

For this, you have to stand with your legs open wide, and your arms rose to your sides.

Now with each little jump, you will take, you will cross your arms in the opposite directions and your feet too would cross each other.

This is like jumping jack but both the feet and arms would cross.

3. Step Ups with a Chair:

For this simple exercise, you can use a sturdy chair. Make sure to pick one that won’t slide when you practice. Now put the chair in front of you, you can use some wooden steps or wooden boxed that are strong for this purpose.

Now very gently and firmly rest your right foot in the center of the chair and put pressure on it. Bring the left foot upwards towards you and bend the knee.

Now take the left foot back downwards and put it firmly on the floor. Keep repeating the steps in this sequence several times.

4. Side-lying Leg Lift:

For this exercise, you need to lie down on your side and put one hand under your head while the other one touches the floor from around your abs. Stretch both legs out placing each on the top of the other.

Now move the leg opposite of your hand lying on abs, move the leg up from knee and keep it high, then bring it back to the other knee. Repeat this for around 20 times for each leg.

5. Cycling:

Both kinds of cycling, static and nonstatic help tone up the thighs and give your legs a leaner look. You can go outside in some park to enjoy cycling there, closer to nature or you can pedal your static bike inside the house.

Choose the uphill motion of the static cycle and start pedaling. Once your legs get comfortable with friction and velocity, rise a level up of friction. This way you can burn more in the same amount of time.

We hope you found our tips and easy to do workouts helpful for losing your thigh fat.

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