Few products in the market today have transformed men’s life as much as the testosterone booster Prime Male. Usually sold as a red pill,

Prime Male is specifically developed to safely raise your testosterone levels within a short period of time.

However, the product comes with added benefits besides simply boosting the testosterone levels in your body.

If you for whatever reason are looking for a way to increase your testosterone, you have landed in the right place.

Keep reading this comprehensive Prime Male review to get all information you need before choosing whether this product is for you or not.

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Prime Male benefits for bodybuilders

Do You Need Prime Male?

Many of the people who have written Prime Male reviews are those men who are getting on in years.

That’s not surprising, because Prime Male is a testosterone booster, and as men get older their bodies don’t produce as much testosterone.

This lower testosterone level can then lead to lots of other physical and mental issues that can reduce the quality of life.

For most men, their testosterone production level peaks at around 35 years of age. Then the production level drops gradually and steadily each year.

By the time you’re in your 40s and 50s, the drop may be significant enough for you to notice some marked symptoms.Bottle with pills

  • Physical symptoms. This is a very long list of possible indicators telling you that your T-levels are now too low.
    • Fatigue or lack of energy is a very common symptom.
    • You may also experience erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain an erection and reduced sperm count.
    • Your physique will also take a turn for the worse. Your body fat will increase and your muscle mass and strength will be reduced. You may also develop gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts.
    • Your bone density may be reduced, so you have an increased risk of fracturing your bones.
    • Back pain becomes more likely.
    • Your cholesterol levels increase and there’s a greater chance of a heart attack.
  • Mental Symptoms. The way you think will also be affected.
    • You’ll also experience lower libido or interest in sex.
    • You may have trouble with your memory.
    • You can go through “brain fog”, or have trouble concentrating.
  • Emotional Signs. You may also notice emotional changes.
    • You’re more irritable. You lose patience more quickly and or frequently, and you’re prone to losing your temper.
    • You’ll notice that you don’t have as much drive and ambition as before. It’s as if you lack the motivation for many of your usual tasks.
    • You may even become depressed.

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If you’re going through several of these symptoms and you’re past the age of 35, then lower T levels is a very likely culprit.

However, even young adults in their 20s can go through this problem. Either way, if you notice several of these symptoms, Prime Male can help.

By using Prime Male, men who experience these problems can boost the amount of testosterone in their systems and immediately start experiencing heightened vitality, greater energy, and increased sex drive.

In other words, Prime Male affords its users the ability to become the men they were before they turned 30.

What’s more remarkable is that this product works fast; you need not wait months to start noting desirable changes in your body.

For a majority of men, these chances become noticeable within a week’s time.

Are you also working out? Then Prime Male should also be one of your supplements. If you’re a student or a worker who needs to concentrate, then it can also help.

How Do You Take It?

Where to buy this supplementIf you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of lower testosterone, then you may find it helpful to take the Prime Male testosterone booster.

This will encourage your body to increase its natural production of testosterone.

It’s also a great way to help you overcome low T if you’re working out to reduce body fat and build muscles.

By taking Prime Male bodybuilding is much more attainable, as low T causes reduced muscle mass and strength.

Each package of Prime Male contains 120 capsules. You’re supposed to take 1 capsule 4 times a day, so each package is for 1 month.

You should take a capsule with each meal, so you can take 1 with breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

Prime Male Effectiveness

So does Prime Male work? According to a lot of Prime Male reviews, it does.

Its success as propelled it at the top of the testosterone booster supplement industry. It’s a certified bestseller, if not the top seller in the niche.

Many of the reviews attest to the effectiveness of Prime Male.

Many men feel a marked improvement in as little as 5 to 10 days, although for maximum benefits you’re supposed to take this for 3 months straight.

Once your body’s vitality is restored, you can keep on safely using Prime Male to continue experiencing positive results.

For some men, it can boost testosterone levels by up to 42% in just 12 days. This has been confirmed in a study involving 23 men taking D-AA.

Others have their testosterone levels rise back to what they were 5 to even 20 years before.

Also, men note that their bedroom performance and satisfaction have improved after taking Prime Male religiously.

They have greater interest in sex and the quality of their orgasms is much better.

It offers cognitive benefits too. Many have found that both their long term and short term memory have improved.

They also feel more mentally alert. That’s why you can also take this supplement as a brain booster if you’re in college.

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How does it work?

Prime Male works by targeting the hormones that inhibit or boost the production of testosterone in the body.

By countering or increasing the production of these hormones, Prime Male ensures that testosterone is produced at adequate levels, hence restoring the vitality and energy that your body requires.

The three hormones addressed by Prime Male are:

· Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

· Estrogen and Prolactin

· Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

This hormone, when produced at sufficient levels, can result in a significant in the production of testosterone.

The natural amino acid D-AA-CC, which is present in Prime Male, stimulates the hypothalamus to release a luteinizing hormone which then leads to the production of more testosterone in the body.

Taking 3 grams of this amino acid daily can increase your levels of testosterone by a whopping 42% in less than two weeks.

Also present in Prime Male is zinc, a mineral that is crucial in the production of testosterone.

Zinc stimulates the pituitary glands to release luteinizing hormone, which then boosts the production of testosterone.

Taking zinc at the appropriate levels can double your testosterone levels in a short period of time.

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Estrogen and prolactin

Although estrogen and prolactin are female sex hormones, they are also available in low levels in men’s bodies.

When present at the appropriate levels, these hormones do not negatively affect the development of a man’s body.

However, the presence of too much estrogen and prolactin in your body can interfere with the production of testosterone.

Fortunately, Prime Male is made to counter this development as well. It contains boron whose success in countering estrogen is both swift and impressive.

One clinical study found that using Prime Male reduced the levels of estrogen by an unprecedented 39% in just one week.

Prime Male also contains luteolin, which is useful in the reduction of estrogen in the body. Luteolin also increases the level of testosterone. To counter prolactin, Prime Male contains Mucuna pruriens.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

Prime Male contains minerals that counter the effect caused by sex hormone-binding globulin.

A significant amount of testosterone in a man’s body is biologically inactive as it is bound to the SHBG molecules.

Prime Male contains magnesium and Boron, two minerals that are beneficial in reducing the levels of SHBG in the bloodstream and making free testosterone available.

The product also contains nettle root which binds with SHBG and allows for the availability of more biologically active testosterone in your body.


IngredientsIt works because the Prime Male ingredients are topnotch. Here’s a look at the ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU). There are lots of studies that show how low levels of vitamin D tend to also come with low testosterone levels. Vitamin D3 is the recommended form of vitamin D, as it’s the kind of vitamin D your body produces from sunlight. This is an important ingredient because it’s one of the 24 essential nutrients. A lot of people are deficient in vitamin D because they’re holed up in the office or at home most of the day. They don’t get enough sunlight.
  • Vitamin K2 (20 mcg). This ingredient works well in boosting testosterone when it’s taken with vitamin D.
  • Vitamin B6 (6 mg). This increases the rate of testosterone synthesis. This stimulates the androgen receptors, which causes your testicles to produce more testosterone.
  • Magnesium citrate (100 mg). To help you feel better, you need more “free” testosterone. Some testosterone becomes inactive because they bind with SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). Magnesium, however, lowers your SHBG levels so more of your testosterone remains free. Magnesium also enhances your body’s antioxidant capabilities, so your body can release testosterone more effectively.
  • Zinc nitrate (30 mg). It encourages your pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone, which boosts testosterone production. Zinc levels tend to correspond with T levels, so if you have a low zinc level you may have a low T level as well.
  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (1600 mg). This is perhaps the most important ingredient on this list. It’s a powerful amino acid that’s very effective in triggering the release of the luteinizing hormone leading to greater testosterone production.
  • Asian Red Ginseng extract (120 mg). This helps counter many of the symptoms of low T. It improves your stamina and energy level and also enhances your concentration. It also boosts your libido and it even helps with stronger erections.
  • Luteolin (60 mg). It’s important to maintain your hormone levels, so you have high testosterone and low estrogen. Luteolin significantly reduces your estrogen levels.
  • Mucuna Pruriens (300 mg). Prolactin can tie up your free testosterone, but Mucuna Pruriens reduces your prolactin levels. It also reduces your estrogen levels too so you have an improved hormone balance.
  • Nettle root extract (160 mg). This binds with SHBG so that the SHBG doesn’t bind with your testosterone. Nettle root also contains beta-sitosterol which inhibits estrogen while it improves testosterone levels.
  • Boron (5 mg). This increases the level of free testosterone while it also reduces estrogen levels.

Open bottle of this supplement at my homeThis is the new formula for Prime Male, and this new formulation is what got it to the very top of the T booster industry.

Some ingredients were removed such as the oyster extract because allergy to shellfish is all too common. Then new and effective ingredients were added, like Luteolin, Asian red ginseng, boron, zinc, and magnesium.

They also boosted the amounts for other ingredients. It now has 10 times the amount of Vitamin B6, the amount of nettle root rose by 15%, and the amount of vitamin K2 doubled.

Another commendable aspect of the formula is the choice to use the citrate form for the ingredients.

This form is the most absorbent in the body, which makes it the most effective form.

Prime Male or Testosterone Treatments?

Prime Male is a supplement, so it’s meant to help with lower levels of testosterone. It’s meant to counteract the effect of growing old on your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally.

As you can see, the ingredients are all-natural. That means you won’t have to suffer any sort of side effects.

It’s very safe, and theoretically, the only potential problem is an allergy to any of the ingredients. But there’s no longer any oyster extract in the formula, so an allergic reaction is exceedingly rare.

However, for severe low testosterone levels, some doctors may prescribe testosterone treatments instead.

This treatment doesn’t encourage your body to produce testosterone naturally. Instead, a testosterone replacement is injected into your body.

You have to be aware, however, that there can be side effects. These include:

  • Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
  • Pain
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular accident)
  • Anxiety
  • Deep vein thrombosis, when a blood clot forms in one of the deep veins in your body
  • Injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Thrombosis
  • Gynecomastia

These side effects are the very reason why anabolic steroids are banned for bodybuilding.

Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic versions of testosterone, and testosterone is also injected for greater muscle mass.

After all, low T leads to reduced muscle mass. High T, on the other hand, really succeeds in giving you lots of muscles.

But anabolic steroids are downright dangerous.

They can also affect your liver, which is why you can’t take many anabolic steroids for too long before you have to stop. That’s to give your liver time to recuperate.

Then you also have other problems such as oily skin, acne, and hair loss or excessiveness hairiness.

It can also mess with your emotions, which is why the term “roid rage” became popular.

The constant use of anabolic steroids and testosterone also keeps your body from producing testosterone naturally.

So after a while, even when you stop taking testosterone shots your body can no longer make testosterone to naturally to compensate. You’re then forced to take synthetic testosterone treatments.

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Other benefits

As earlier stated, using Prime Male will boost your energy, vitality and sex drive.

However, there are several other benefits that come with using this product.

Prime Male will help you shed body fat and shed excess weight.

Also, the product will help your body build lean muscle quickly and get stronger faster.

If you are suffering from diabetes, Prime Male assists in sugar regulation and reduces insulin resistance.

The product is beneficial in achieved a healthy blood circulation and thus maintaining an optimal cardiovascular health.

Purchase optionsPrime Male is useful in mental health: It helps alleviate stress and enhances your cognitive functions.

In addition, you are more likely to develop stronger bones and have healthier skin.

Users of Prime Male also report increased prostate health.

Admittedly, many of these benefits may be achieved through other means, for instance by regular physical exercise and observing proper diet.

Prime Male is not intended to replace these other means of achieving peak health and boosting testosterone levels.

However, the product offers a revolutionary approach in the boosting of your health both quickly and safely.

Moreover, it is a proven and very affordable means of restoring your health and experiencing more physical and mental rejuvenation.

Why Buy Prime Male?

With the continuing increase in the number of men looking for testosterone on the increase, many manufacturers have come up with testosterone boosters to meet the massive demand.

The result has been that some developers have come with substandard products that may adversely affect your body.

Some of these products have only marginal amounts of the essential ingredients required to boost your testosterone levels.

Using these products will have little or no impact on the level of your testosterone.

Other products may contain some minerals in proportions that are larger than required. Such products may harm your body.

Prime Male contains the required ingredients for boosting your testosterone in the shortest time possible.

For good measure, developers have conducted thorough research and tests to ensure the ingredients are in the right proportions. This makes Prime Male a product you can trust.

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You need a natural test booster that encourages your body to improve its natural testosterone production.

That’s what Prime Male does, and it does so very well.

Its effectiveness has been proven by studies, by the numerous reviews, and by the sheer popularity of the supplement.

It’s safe and it works. It’s very simple to take, with no complicated procedures to follow.

It’s also very affordable compared to testosterone shots.

Granted, it’s a bit more expensive than the usual T booster supplements. But that’s because it’s a high quality product and it really works for most people.

Special offerIn the Matrix movie, Neo was given a choice. He can take the blue pill, and he stays in the false world of the Matrix.

But he took the red pill, which showed him the true nature of the world he lived in.

It’s the same thing with Prime Male – it’s a red pill too.

Don’t take it, and you’re stuck in a world believing that there’s really nothing you can do if you’re getting old and your testosterone level has fallen.

You think you just have to live with it and endure.

But that’s not true at all. Take the red pill instead, and you’ll find that Prime Male can do what it’s supposed to do.

It can help your body increase its natural production of testosterone. You can recover your energy, your libido, and your passion.

You can have your life back, and it’s as if you’re back in the prime of your life. With the Prime Male testosterone booster, you can turn back the clock.

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