With the numerous benefits of testosterone, it is not surprising that several people aim to monitor and increase their testosterone levels. They also resort to various things like eating foods that boost testosterone, doing some exercises, and a lot more. Foods that boost testosterone In this article, we will discuss the basics about testosterone: testosterone-boosting foods, various ways to increase its levels, and some facts and myths about it. As you know, testosterone is a sex hormone. But specifically, it provides a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. Apart from increasing a man’s sex drive, it can also help in weight loss and muscle building. It can likewise enhance one’s health in various ways. Check also: Comparison of 3 the best testosterone boosters >>

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Foods That Boost Testosterone

Primarily, testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues. But do you know that women also produce this hormone although in smaller amounts? Both genders benefit from this hormone. Therefore, a decrease in its level is everybody’s concern. Below are testosterone-boosting foods that can help maintain your body’s testosterone level:
  • Wheat Bran

Aside from providing more fiber, wheat bran is rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps increase your testosterone level. A study showed that magnesium combined with high-intensity exercise is more effective for that matter. For a healthy diet, you can have wheat bran with oatmeal, protein shakes, and peanut butter.
  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, a mineral that promotes chemical reactions in the body like testosterone reproduction. A study discovered that men with low zinc intake had lower testosterone levels. You may add pumpkin seeds to your oatmeal, salads, and shakes.
  • Cabbage

It has high concentrations of indole-3-carbinol, a compound that flushes out female hormones. Men who had 500 mg daily intake of this veggie for a week decreased their estrogen levels. This significantly made testosterone more effective.  Aside from that, indole-3-carbinol is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. Cabbage helps to increase testosterone
  • Eggs

Yes, eggs are among the foods that increase testosterone naturally. The yolk’s cholesterol can lead to the production of this hormone. Worried about your heart? You don’t have to because a study revealed that eating three eggs a day does not affect your cholesterol level.
  • Milk

It has amino acids that boost the production of anabolic hormones which is responsible for muscle building. If you want to achieve toned or well-developed muscles, take 200 ml glasses of this testosterone food daily.
  • Coconut

It is a good source of saturated fat that promotes testosterone production. Just make sure to monitor your caloric intake to keep your testosterone level at its peak and prevent heart issues.
  • Shrimp

Shrimp is a good source of Vitamin D, which has a strong link to testosterone. If you’ve got high levels of Vitamin D, then you’ve got high levels of testosterone as well. It is for the same reason that people with higher blood levels of the vitamin have stronger upper- and lower-body muscles. You can also get more Vitamin D from salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Eat these foods to boost testosterone. Sea food can increase your testosterone
  • Strawberries

Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant associated with low levels of a testosterone-busting cortisol, especially in higher intakes. High cortisol levels can crowd out your sex hormone and lessen its anabolic benefits. For this, it pays to have a higher intake of Vitamin C. It pays to eat some strawberries!
  • Garlic

Just like when you eat strawberries, eating garlic can also lower cortisol levels; thanks to the compound allicin. Cortisol competes with testosterone for sites within the muscle cells; hence, it really helps to fight them off. Lowering the levels of cortisol allows testosterone to work. Take note that this testosterone food is more potent when uncooked.
  • Ricotta Cheese

Aside from being a delicious lasagna staple, ricotta cheese is also a source of whey protein. Needless to say, it is useful for those who would like to build muscles. Whey protein can lower cortisol levels; thus, giving way to higher testosterone levels. It also helps during recovery from weightlifting. You can also get whey from milk, yogurt, and whey protein powder. Testosterone is indeed important for bone strength, muscle development, increased energy level, and sex drive or libido. A decrease in its levels can affect their bodies’ functions. Therefore, see to it that you eat the proper types of food that can maintain a normal amount of testosterone in your body. Consuming natural testosterone foods can definitely help a lot.

What Increases Testosterone Levels?

A decrease in testosterone level can lead to mineral deficiency, body malfunction and even death. To prevent a decline in its production, one should take the necessary precaution to maintain its most effective level. Below are some natural ways to increase testosterone level: What not to eat
  • Eliminate sugar in your diet.

Sugar increases insulin which results in a decrease in testosterone. To give your testosterone level a boost, cut back on soda, processed foods, grains, bread, cereals and pasta. Instead, replace them with vegetables and healthy fats.
  • Shed unwanted pounds.

Obese people have low testosterone levels. Exercise can help increase its production. High-intensity training combined with caffeine intake and creatine monohydrate supplements can boost your testosterone level.
  • Avoid stressful situations.

Too much stress can increase your cortisol level resulting in a decrease in testosterone. To regulate hormone levels, minimize stress. Focus on happy thoughts, eat a balanced diet, have a regular exercise, rest and sleep.
  • Increase zinc intake.

Include zinc in your diet. Protein-rich foods like meat, sea foods, eggs, and nuts are good sources of zinc. Just make sure not to overcook them as it can reduce their nutrient levels. However, too much zinc can interfere with your body’s absorption of other minerals. To get the recommended daily dosage of 40 mg/day, you may opt to take a zinc supplement.
  • Boost your vitamin D level.

Expose yourself to the early morning sun to get enough sunshine. This will make vitamin D production easy and optimize your vitamin D level. If sun exposure isn’t an option, vitamin D3 supplement will do. Food with vitamin D
  • Take supplements.

While there is an ongoing debate about the benefits of vitamins and minerals, know that specific ones can indeed help the body. For instance, Vitamin B and Zinc supplements help increase the quality of sperm by 74 percent. Meanwhile, other studies suggest that vitamins A, C, and E play important in testosterone levels. Take note that among the vitamins and minerals available, Vitamin D and Zinc supplements may be the best ones to take. According to studies, these two come with the strongest evidence as testosterone enhancers. Just make sure to choose the best brand and discuss with your doctor first before opting for supplementation.
  • Give yourself good-quality sleep.

It is a common knowledge that getting the right sleep is good for the health. It helps repair cells and provides enough strength to do daily activities. As for testosterone levels, a study has revealed that sleeping for only five hours per night was linked to a 15-percent decrease in levels of testosterone. Moreover, another study showed that those with only four hours of sleep per night almost had deficient levels. If you want to have and maintain healthy testosterone levels, you should certainly get good-quality sleep every night. Doing so can likewise enhance your long-term overall health.
  • Right exercises and foods for T increaseMaintain a healthy lifestyle.

Excessive alcohol intake, drug abuse and exposure to estrogen-like chemicals are unhealthy practices that can decrease your testosterone levels. To facilitate its production, eat healthily and always think positive. Testosterone affects every man’s health and body functions. For that, you should make an effort o maintain its ideal level. Take care of yourself to achieve optimal health.

Facts and Myths about Testosterone

If you want to increase your testosterone levels, you should educate yourself about various facts. It pays to learn about the types of food you should eat, the types of workout you should do, and much more. However, it is also undeniable that alongside the helpful facts are some myths about the hormone. Below is a list of both facts and myths about testosterone. Keep them in mind so as not to be fooled by false thoughts.
  • Myth: Taking testosterone supplements can help increase sperm count.

The truth is it can lower the amount of sperm that the body produces. With high levels of testosterones, the body suppresses the release of a luteinizing hormone that has the capacity to decrease sperm production. In fact, experts are studying the possibility of using testosterone-based medications as contraceptives.
  • Fact: Drinking can lead to low testosterone levels.

Alcohol lower your testosterone Drink alcohol and you will reduce your testosterone levels for up to 24 hours. Research has shown that alcohol consumption is related to altered levels of additional reproductive hormones and low testosterone. Moreover, experts are currently investigating the potential mechanisms for damage caused by alcohol. Some findings suggest that chronic use of alcohol may affect a male’s reproductive ability and the health of his offspring.
  • Fact or Myth: Taking testosterone supplements may lead to cardiovascular problems.

There is still an ongoing debate about this claim at present. In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a memo that cautioned doctors about the possibility for testosterone supplements to increase a risk of stroke, heart attack, and even death. However, some doctors think that the FDA made such warning due to an abundance of caution. As of writing, it is advisable to discuss the cardiovascular effects of any testosterone therapy with your doctor especially if you have a history of heart disease.
  • Myth: Taking testosterone supplements may lead to prostate cancer.

While sufferers of prostate cancer often take medications to reduce testosterone, experts say it doesn’t mean that testosterone can cause cancer. It’s just that when prostate cancer is already present, testosterone can support its growth.
  • Fact: Mere habits can lower testosterone levels.

Did you know that some of your lifestyle choices can negatively affect the amount of testosterone in your body? For instance, reports say that tobacco interferes with the production of hormones that help make testosterone. And as mentioned earlier, alcohol consumption can likewise reduce testosterone levels. Indeed, your habits can affect the amount of testosterone your body produces.
  • Myth: Having higher levels of testosterone can lead to baldness.

Baldness can simply be determined genetically. The claims about its link to high testosterone levels are irrelevant, for men with low testosterone levels can still be bald. Also, a study revealed that men with male pattern baldness have the same levels of testosterone as those who have a full head of hair.
  • Fact: You should observe extra care when undergoing low testosterone therapy.

Eat these foods to increase testosterone naturallyDo you have hypogonadism? Before trying any supplement, make sure to undergo a blood test first. This is to assess your testosterone levels. For your information, not everyone needs to undergo testosterone therapy. Moreover, even a doctor’s recommendation does not make supplementation appropriate. These are just some of the numerous facts and myths about or related to testosterone. Before making any move, make sure to check your facts first. And before believing a piece of information, verify it. Never believe any claim without making sure of its accuracy and credibility. Checking on various claims will not do you any harm, so please take the time to educate yourself. After all, it is you who will benefit or suffer from the things you will choose to believe.


You have just learned about the basics of testosterone. Indeed, it is important to eat foods to increase testosterone levels. It is likewise important to do other things that could enhance the body’s production of this hormone. Lastly, it is a must to identify which claim about testosterone is a fact and which is a myth. Contrary to what most people know, testosterone is not just about increasing one’s sex drive. It is not just about muscle building as well. The hormone has connections with other health aspects; hence, you should be mindful of it. Just like any concerns in your body, this one deserves great attention too. Save Save Save Save Save Save
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