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What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction also referred to as ED, is the inability to get or sustain an erection. This affects the ability to offer sexual satisfaction to a partner. 

ED can be embarrassing, and there is still a stigma around it. However, research shows that it’s common. One study showed that the overall prevalence of ED in men between the ages of 40 and 70 is about 52%, with older men being more at risk. However, young men can also have ED.

Healthcare professionals can often treat ED. Sometimes, ED could signify a more serious health problem like heart disease. Speak to your doctor if you have concerns about ED.

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What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Low testosterone is a common cause of ED. Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the testicles. It regulates libido (sex drive), sperm production, muscle mass, and strength.

Besides low testosterone, other factors cause ED:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Psychological states such as anxiety and depression

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

The most common erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in achieving an erection
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • Low sexual desire (libido)
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Relation Between Testosterone and ED

Erections mainly depend on testosterone because the hormone regulates libido (sexual desire). It controls the timing of the erection process so that it connects sexual desire, which leads to successful copulation. 

However, some men maintain erections even with testosterone levels lower than the normal range.

Can Low Testosterone Cause ED?

Low testosterone can affect your sex life by lowering your libido (sex drive). It can be among many factors that can contribute to the development of ED. It’s also associated with several similar chronic conditions that contribute to ED, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. 

What are Testosterone Pills?

Testosterone pills are medications for men purported to boost testosterone levels. They’re sold as health supplements and used for managing ED and other needs related to male health, such as strength, bone mass, and muscle mass. Many people prefer testosterone pills over other treatment options, such as Viagra or sildenafil, because the’re easily available without a prescription. 

 Most testosterone pills are not approved by the FDA. Some of the FDA-approved pills include:

  • Jatenzo 
  • Kyzatrex™ 
  • Tlando 

What Does Testosterone Do in the Body? What is Testosterone Good For?

Testosterone is a sex hormone in males. It plays several crucial roles in the body:

  • Growth of the testes and penis
  • Deepening voice during puberty
  • Sex drive (libido)
  • The appearance of pubic and facial hair starting at puberty
  • Muscle size and strength
  • Bone development and strength
  • Sperm production

Is Testosterone Treatment Helpful For ED?

Testosterone replacement monotherapy is purported to improve erectile function. However, there’s limited research showing the extent of efficacy. Some studies indicate that it can work in men with mild but not moderate or severe ED. 

One reason testosterone treatment may not improve ED is if ED can result from other factors besides low testosterone: type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment For ED

Testosterone supplementation can improve ED in some people. Below are the notable benefits: 

Improving Libido

Low libido refers to reduced interest in sex. An increase in testosterone levels enhances response to sexual stimulation and activity in med with mold ED. 

Improving Erectile Function

Testosterone treatment helps to improve and maintain an erection. In men having low testosterone and not responding to PDE5 inhibitors, stabilization of testosterone levels can help improve the reaction to PDE5 inhibitors. 

Even if you suffer from blood circulation problems to the penis, testosterone treatment can address this problem.

Improving Moods

Testosterone replacement can help to improve mood and energy for men with ED. Moods and tiredness can make it challenging to perform your sexual desires.  If you’re tired, anxious, depressed, or irritable, sex may seem more like a task. Most men can experience ED because of low testosterone levels due to these symptoms. Good moods lead to good sex and good sexual health. 

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Testosterone Pills Side Effects

Below are the side effects of testosterone pills:

Larger Breasts

Though testosterone treatment helps to improve libido, mood, energy, and more, it can cause larger breasts. Breasts grow because men have an enzyme known as aromatase which changes testosterone to a kind of estrogen.


Fluctuations of testosterone may cause acne outbreaks. Testosterone encourages sebum production. Too much production of testosterone can lead to excessive sebum production. This can increase the risk of sore sebaceous glands, which can cause an acne outbreak.

Swelling in Ankles

Some people notice slight swelling in the feet and ankles since testosterone can encourage the body to hold excess fluid.

Shrinkage of Testicles

The most common side effect of testosterone treatment is shrinkage of testicles. When your body takes testosterone from outside, the pituitary gland assumes there’s enough in your bloodstream and stops sending signals. Most of the testicle size is devoted to producing sperm. So, when your testicle produces less sperm, they get smaller.

Increased Blood Clotting

Blood Clotting is a potentially dangerous side effect associated with testosterone therapy. Red blood cells increase, which raises the risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack.

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What is Testosterone Pills Alternatives for Treating ED?

Sometimes, an erection pill isn’t enough. Testosterone pills alternatives for treating ED include:

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are injections of insulated testosterone. The doctor can prescribe injections or permit you to allow you to administer the injections yourself.

Testosterone Gel

Testosterone gel is another among several forms of testosterone medication for treating hypogonadism in men. Testosterone gel is unique from other forms because its side effects can be transmitted to others if they unintentionally touch the application site. 

 Testosterone Transdermal Patches

Transdermal testosterone is available as a skin-applying patch (applied on the back, stomach, upper arms, or thighs). It is typically administered between 8:00 p.m. and midnight every night and left on for a whole day. Experts recommend that the patches be applied every night at the same time for full effectiveness.

When to Consider Testosterone Treatment for ED?

Erection dysfunction is common and can occur anytime, regardless of age. The irregular problem of getting or maintaining an erection should not raise the alarm. 

Failing to erect in less than 20 percent of the time does not need treatment. However, failing to erect more than 50 percent of the time indicates an underlying physical or mental health problem, and treatment is required.

The best time to consult a doctor or an ED clinic is once you notice problems with your erectile health or sexual performance. The sooner you meet with a doctor about erectile dysfunction, the earlier you’ll be able to treat your ED and improve your erectile health.

Though some older men might require more stimulation, they can still get and maintain an erection.

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Natural Treatment of ED

Natural treatments of erectile dysfunction are the best treatments since they don’t have side effects. Natural remedies can help improve ED as well as your overall health. Some natural treatment for ED includes;


Exercise regularly: Certain exercises can help promote the production of testosterone. The best exercises to increase testosterone levels include HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and weightlifting. 

Meditation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation can improve both your physical and mental health. It’s an effective and safe way to treat ED and premature ejaculation and improve sexual health. This is one the most excellent ways to ensure your cardiovascular is healthy and get the blood flow you require to your penis.

Avoid Stress

Stress raises cortisol levels (stress hormones). According to research, the cortisol hormone works against your testosterone. So, when it rises, your testosterone decreases. Increased cortisol levels can lead to overeating, increasing weight, and reducing testosterone.

Healthy Diet

Large numbers of micronutrients are essential for raising your testosterone. Chemicals found in grapes, for example, help to raise testosterone levels and boost sperm motility. In addition, milk is rich in amino acids that can help increase anabolic hormone production. 

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking improves your circulation everywhere in your body, leading to a firmer and more reliable erection. This can help to reduce symptoms of ED. 

Adequate Sleep/Rest

Lack of enough quality sleep can increase cortisol production, inhibiting testosterone production. Research also shows that males produce more testosterone while sleeping than while awake. For adults, at least 7 hours of sleep is recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several most commonly asked questions about testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Is Testosterone Therapy Expensive?

Testosterone therapy can be a patch on your skin, a gel, or an injection, and all of them can be costly. Depending on the treatment, they can cost hundreds of dollars per month. However, most insurance companies cover testosterone treatments.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Levels In The Body?

Some common symptoms include;

  • Hot flashes
  • Low libido (Loss of interest in sex)
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of energy

Can Testosterone Supplements Treat ED?

Testosterone supplements can improve erectile function in those with mild ED but not moderate or severe ED. The supplements have a good track record of restoring sex drive than overpowering ED.

What Are The Best Testosterone Boosters For Men Over 50?

Can Too Much Testosterone Cause ED?

Too much testosterone cannot cause ED but can lead to some conditions linked to ED:

  • Enlarged prostate and shrunken testicles
  • Low sperm count
  • Depression and mood changes

Is It Possible To Have Low Testosterone Levels (total and free) Yet Have Healthy Libido And Erections?

Yes, there are many men with healthy erections despite having low testosterone levels.

Does Taking Testosterone Supplements During Puberty Affect Penis Size?

During puberty, testosterone supplements can successfully lead to completed penile growth to the length that’s genetically programmed for

What Is The Difference Between Male Enhancement Pills And Testosterone Boosters?

Male enhancement pills increase blood flow to the penis to allow a thicker and longer-lasting erection, while testosterone boosters help to increase testosterone levels.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Build Muscle?

Taking pills that are Androgenic Steroids helps build more muscle.

Does Whey Protein Kill The Sex Drive or Testosterone Levels?

No, taking whey protein supplements gives you the additional benefit of boosting testosterone levels in your body.

What Would Happen If I Were To Take Testosterone Pills Daily?

Testosterone can make your body produce excess red blood cells. This can increase the risk of heart disease, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. The prostate can also enlarge while taking these pills.

What Testosterone-boosting Foods Should I Consider?

Foods that can help boost testosterone levels include:

  • Dark, leafy greens or magnesium
  • Tuna for a Higher Sex Drive
  • Eggs for a hormone boost
  • Pomegranate to fight impotence
  • Grapes for more active sperm
  • Ginger to fire your fertility

Where To Buy Testosterone?

You can legally buy testosterone online from companies that comply with federal guidelines, provided you have a prescription.

Avoid buying from companies that don’t ask for prescriptions or lab assessments or sell anabolic steroids.

Before buying, it’s good to check reviews from online customers with prior experience with the pills. It’s also a good idea to check the FDA-approval status and credibility of the manufacturer. 

Final Thoughts

Sexual needs and sexual performance are fundamental aspects that build a man’s confidence

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