This TestoGen review reveals the pros and cons of TestoGen supplement and explains how the product works so you can make an informed decision of buying it or not. There’s this unspoken rule that testosterone is always closely associated with manhood. The more testosterone you have, the more manly you get. It’s not hard to come to such a conclusion when you know that testosterone is what makes your voice deeper, your “manhood” bigger, and your muscles and bones stronger. But as you grow older, your body begins to produce less and less of it. This causes “off” days wherein you’re simply out of focus, physically drained, less competitive and even less interested in sex. It’s expected when you have less of something that affects your pride. That’s why there’s Testogen from to help you boost your Testosterone levels to give you your edge back and restore your zeal. Testogen bottle

TestoGen Overview

For starters, it’s not a steroid. There are so many things that sound wrong with that word. Things like elevated heart-rate, allergies, side-effects and even breakouts. And Testogen gives you none of these because it’s a supplement; not a steroid. You would also be wrong to think that Testogen is testosterone in a capsule. There’s nothing like that in it. What it does is it revitalizes your body to create more of the good stuff. Think of it as a reset-button for your body’s age-recognition. It will force your body to think that you’re still in your 20’s, fooling it into producing more testosterone for you.

The Hard Science

Because it’s considered as the male hormone, testosterone is produced in the testicles. It helps in the production of sperm and other functions such as the production of red blood cells and muscle mass. It also contributes to a man’s sex drive. Once released into the bloodstream, testosterone is used by the body for the production of other hormones and enzymes that contribute to muscle growth, bone density and libido. What’s left of your production is what keeps you up and going at it. It’s produced in abundance during puberty where boys transition into adulthood. But with passing time, the body produces less, and in most cases, not enough. You’ll know you’re experiencing a decline in Testosterone production when the following things happen:
  • Fatigue
  • Decline in body hair growth
  • Mood Swings
  • Lesser erections
  • Lower cognitive capacity
  • Increase in abdominal fat
This testosterone booster results Normal T levels are found within the ranges of 270 to 1070 ng/dL. You peak this production level by the time you hit 20, which starts to decline slowly after. This is why you’re so full of energy and sex drive during your 20’s which suddenly disappears at a certain point. When you go past 30, your body will start to produce 1% less of your usual testosterone amount every year. Consider it an unwanted gift for your birthday. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

How to Raise Testosterone

Besides TestoGen and other natural testosterone supplements, there are other ways with which to bring your levels up to a good peak. Some of these methods include steroids and actual oral testosterone. And although these methods are acceptable, their effectiveness is questionable. When you take testosterone orally, you’re not taking full advantage of the hormone. This is because your liver will break down the hormone and use it for other purposes instead of revitalizing your body. By the time your liver is done with your oral testosterone, there’ll be a negligible amount of it left in your system. On the other hand, steroids provide a more powerful approach to boosting your body but with unintended side-effects. And even before you can get your hands on a good brand, you’d still have to consult your doctor to be sure that your brand is the right one for you. Natural testosterone boosters work differently. Instead of giving you direct testosterone, these boosters enhance your body’s capacity to produce it. That means you’ll open up that spring of youth you once had. It’s like opening up a well in your body instead of buying the water from a spring.

How TestoGen Works

How to take testogenWhat TestoGen review would be complete without a full rundown of how it works? When you take TestoGen, your body is subjected to various natural ingredients that boost its capacity to create more testosterone. Think of it as giving your marble sac a little help along the way. The biggest thing you’ll notice about TestoGen is that it has Ginseng. Even the name of this root extract is manly. It’s synonymous with many performance-enhancing substances that are designed to help you in non-sleeping activities done in the bedroom. It’s considered as an aphrodisiac. And that means it puts you in an active mental and physical state. You’re also getting a dose of the “Devil’s Claw” in each capsule of TestoGen. This is also known as Tribulus Terrestris. This is a herb that has been a part of ancient Chinese male-enhancing medication for years. It helps your body build muscle tissue in exchange for fat. Another herb you’ll find in TestoGen is Fenugreek. The seeds of this herb have been known to help increase your stamina and strength to help you work through the day, no matter what you’re doing. On top of helping you last longer in bed, it will also help you last longer in life because it also contains powerful anti-oxidants that prevent faster aging. Besides these interesting ingredients, you’ll have a nice mix of essential vitamins and minerals that you can find in most food supplements to help you get a full-rounded approach to boosting your Testosterone levels. Other TestoGen reviews consider this product as a safe and natural way to reinvigorate your production levels without the nasty side-effects.

How it Stacks Against the Competition

If you’ve been in the boosting circuit for quite some time already, the name TestoFuel and Prime Male might have come along your way. For the largest part of 2014, these two supplements have been duking it out for the top spot on the food chain. When TestoGen came from out of nowhere in December of 2014, it changed the game completely, robbing the current contenders of all chances for supremacy. But you already know you need numbers to prove a claim like that. And TestoGen doesn’t disappoint in that regard either. In terms of price, you’re getting a better deal. You save as little as $14 if you buy a month’s supply of TestoGen compared to TestoFuel and as much as $171 if you buy half a year’s worth of supplements. But that’s not where the numbers war ends. Other testosterone booster reviews can only boast of one main ingredient that helps improve your testosterone production. Testogen ingredients reviewedWith TestoGen, you get more than one. You get a whopping 300mg of Tribulus Terrestris. You get barely 150mg of that stuff in others. It’s even absent in TestoFuel. And with Ginseng and Fenugreek to back it up, you’re looking at an explosion in your usable Testosterone levels. These figures alone make TestoGen the best testosterone booster you can find.

Where to Buy

The best way to get your hands on this supplement is to order directly from the supplier site here. Along with promotional offers and discounts, you’ll also find a wealth of information on testosterone and what it can do for you. You’ll also be pleased to know that they’re offering a +2 promotion for every 3 bottles you get. And that’s not where the good news ends. On top of their offers and the effects that lie in wait for you, the company behind TestoGen also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Very few companies can go the distance for their products. So when you see something that’s so trusted that you can try it for free on a 3-month basis, you know there’s got to be something good about it.

The Final Verdict of Testogen Review

If you’ve had your share of defective products and unwanted side-effects from supplements and steroids alike, then your search ends here. TestoGen offers you the chance to experience its’ amazing effects that are sure to show you improvements in less than three months or else you get your money back. Sale offerIf you’re worried about side effects, there haven’t been any studies that have shown this specific product to have caused any unwanted effects. But there have been hundreds of studies that point out the benefits of natural food supplements and how well they work. And TestoGen is one of the best in the market. Because of that, this TestoGen review nets a 9 out of 10. It’s certainly a must-try for those of you who are going through your own “off” periods wherein you are already questioning why you get out of bed in the morning. It’s for those who have lost their thunder and want it back, stronger and even better than what you remember it to be. It will reawaken your sleeping production and get you back on track inside and outside the bedroom. You will literally feel like a brand new man.

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