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As evident from its name, Instant Knockout fat burner is essentially a fat burning supplement that promises people riddance from stubborn fat deposits in their bodies.

However, unlike the commonly available fat burners in the marketplace, it was developed specifically for MMA and pro-level fighters, to help them burn body fat in the quickest possible time, in preparation for their upcoming fights.

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Instant Knockout fat burner

The product is manufactured and supplied by Roar Ambition Ltd., a London based company. The fact it doesn’t originate from a third-world world country or China for that matter, adds a lot of credibility to the product.

This is the same company which was behind another successful product known as TestoFuel.

The ones who are new to the professional fighting and boxing world should know – whenever a fight gets scheduled, it becomes imperative for the fighters to lose any excess body weight, without compromising on their strength and muscle mass. It’s done to qualify for the fight on the official weigh-in day.

Pro Athelete userHence, these professionals need some fast and effective means to get rid of any unwanted pounds, and day-to-day methods aren’t often good enough.

It is here that a product like Instant Knockout comes into the picture as it can deliver rapid results owing to its three-pronged approach: it works by improving the user’s endurance levels, boosting metabolism and eliminating fat deposits (more on that later!).

The combination of carefully timed dosages and a unique formula keeps the user’s body in a constant fat burning state, while ensuring that his/her body definition and muscle mass also stay intact.

Who can use Instant Knockout fat burner?

Instant Knockout can be used by anyone and everyone (over 18 years in age) wanting to undergo safe and effective weight loss through fat burning. Furthermore, it is actively used by bodybuilding professionals, athletes, pro boxers, pro fighters, irrespective of their genders.

Instant Knockout for pro-level athletes

Athletes throughout the world use Instant Knockout on a regular basis to perfect their bodies and to dominate their respective sports. We dug up some details and found the following 3 pro-level athletes regularly using Instant Knockout:

Greg Jackson: By far the best coach in the MMA circles, Greg Jackson has actively trained and created champions like Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre and Holly Holm. He urges all his fighters to regularly use Instant Knockout for their fat-burning needs.

John Dodson & Diego Sanches use this productJohn Dodson III: Counted amongst the top flyweight fighters in the world, John Dodson regularly consumes Instant Knockout to get rid of unwanted fat deposits, without sacrificing any muscle mass.

Diego Sanchez: The Ultimate Fighter Season 1’s Middleweight Champion, Diego Sanchez took help of Instant Knockout to achieve a 45 lbs drop in weight within a few months. He continues to use it actively to keep excessive body fat at bay.

Instant Knockout for women

As against the popular perception, this fat burner isn’t solely for men. Women everywhere also use it regularly to keep themselves in good shape.

Its fat-burning properties work equally well regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

The formula promises to work for all purposes, whether you want to use it to tighten-up those curves, to shed a few pounds or to look your best on some special occasion or a holiday.

Before and after results

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How Does Instant Knockout work to bring results

Instant Knockout works and delivers its benefits through ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost metabolism and burn body fat.

Although many weight loss supplements and fat burners have tried to reduce fat through faster metabolism, not many deliver consistent results. It’s here that Instant Knockout stands out from the competition.

Its formula is based on the recent findings through scientific research. The product was originally developed for pro-level boxers and MMA fighters. Those athletes are constantly in need of products that work quickly and they’re very hard to please!

As mentioned earlier, Instant Knockout does its job by taking a hard-hitting three-pronged approach towards fat burning:

Boosts the body’s BMR: The blend of ingredients contained in Instant Knockout ensures that the user continues to use energy regardless of what he/she is doing. It boosts the metabolic activity, so one can even burn calories during rest.

Keeps food cravings in check: Snacking in between the meals and/or being constantly troubled by hunger pangs are a couple of very solid reasons for people’s inability to lose weight. Consuming Instant Knockout strategically in between the meals ensures that these cravings are kept under control.

Boosts energy levels: Unlike as in the case of other popular fat burners in the market, with Instant Knockout, you don’t feel an energy drain while losing body fats.

The energy-boosting ingredients contained in the supplement constantly fuel the body, even through heavy weight lifting and/or intense cardio sessions.

It boost energy levels

The green tea contained in Instant Knockout targets and switches off the alpha-2 receptors in the body. Alpha-2 receptors are responsible for locking fat onto the butt, stomach, abs and hips area.

Green tea not only stops these alpha-2 receptors but also releases those fats for the body’s energy requirements. While green tea does its job, the other Instant Knockout ingredients sweep through the fat deposits, constantly feeding the body’s energy needs.


Instant Knockout fat burner is manufactured based on the latest scientific research, using a formula that features 10 powerful natural fat burners.

Fat burner for menScientists world over are constantly engaged in finding the exact cause/s behind body fat storage. By now, they’re well aware of the processes and chemicals that are the culprits, and how they can be manipulated effectively.

Furthermore, they’ve also managed to identify certain natural ingredients that can safely slow down or stop the fat storage.

The scientific community of today knows about the chemical triggers responsible for fat storage, and the compounds and chemicals which can control these triggers!

Using this information Roar Ambition found a way to create an effective fat burning supplement, with just the right amount of ingredient quantities, to deliver the most optimum fat burning results.

Let’s briefly look into these powerful ingredients below:

Glucomannan (1800 mg per serving)

It’s a well-known dietary fiber that can work as a potent appetite suppressant. The glucomannan used in Instant Knockout is extracted from the Konjac plant’s roots. This plant is found in many Asian countries and consists of high levels of soluble dietary fibers.

It is common knowledge that soluble dietary fibers are good for appetite suppression, as they keep you fuller for longer periods of time, suppressing the need for any untimely snacking, thus helping you stay true to your diet plan.

Green Tea Extract (500 mg per serving)

Green tea is one of the ingredients

It’s no news that when it comes to fat burners, green tea is by far the most effective and well-researched ingredients going into them. It has been in use in many cultures for more than 1000 years now.

What’s best is that it delivers its potent benefits, without causing any harmful side effects. It’s a natural fat burner that contributes to fat loss in three distinct ways:

  • Green tea plays a major role in reducing dangerous fat deposits.
  • It comprises of EGCG, a potent antioxidant that boosts the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of the user’s body. Enhanced metabolic activity naturally forces the user’s body to take up fat for its energy needs, thereby targeting the stubborn body fat deposits.
  • Green tea naturally improves the endurance levels of the body, enabling the user to exercise for longer periods of time, thereby burning more calories.

The caffeine content in Instant Knockout synergistically interacts with the catechins present in green tea, causing a further boost in the body’s usage of calories for its energy needs.

Cayenne pepper powder (100 mg per serving)

The cayenne pepper is well known for its appetite suppression and metabolism-boosting abilities. Being very spicy, it naturally increases the body temperature. The body’s natural response to such temperature-rise is to use up calories for bringing it down.

Scientific research has revealed that capsaicin present in cayenne pepper can aid the reduction of the body’s fat stores.

Certain studies carried out in the year 2015 and 2009 (published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition), into the properties of capsaicin, revealed that its regular intake can help in appetite suppression and metabolism boost.

Another separate study carried out in the year 2009 found that regular intake of capsaicin can cause a decrease in the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ in the body. This can be very useful for anyone struggling with appetite control.

Green coffee beans extract (100 mg per serving)

Green coffee beansGreen coffee beans (used in IKO) is an extract obtained from unroasted coffee beans, which are green in color and contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid.

This acid prevents the natural production of a glucose-6-phosphates enzyme in the body, thereby decreasing the glucose content in the liver. Studies have revealed that chlorogenic acid also slows down the fat absorption rate (from the food) in the body.

By consistently reducing the body’s fat percentage, chlorogenic acid lowers cholesterol levels and aids maintenance of blood sugar levels. A study carried out in 2007 revealed that chlorogenic acid significantly impacts glucose absorption and utilization.

Another study in 2012 observed major reductions in the body’s fat percentage as well as body weight with regular intake of chlorogenic acid.

Caffeine anhydrous (300 mg per serving)

Another metabolism-boosting ingredient, caffeine anhydrous is the most effective and purest form of caffeine. It effectively breaks down the body’s fat deposits, making them instantly available for energy needs. This conversion of fat into energy is almost 30% more efficient if caffeine anhydrous is consumed before exercise.

In addition, with the fats getting burnt, the blood sugar levels continue to be high, keeping cravings at bay. Caffeine anhydrous also enhances the effects of cayenne pepper and green tea present in Instant Knockout.

Vitamin B12 (10 mcg per serving)

Instant Knockout Capsules All Vitamin B variants are known for their ability to turn carbohydrates into glucose, which can then be easily used as energy.

The inclusion of Vitamin B12 in Instant Knockout is specifically to help the body use up fatty acids for energy production, apart from assisting in protein synthesis, digestion, better absorption of foods and in body’s effective usage of carbohydrates.

Vitamin B6 (5 mg per serving)

Another important Vitamin, Vitamin B6’s inclusion in Instant Knockout is in its natural form known as pyridoxine, and for its metabolism-boosting ability.

Vitamin B6 also aids muscle growth as it improves the absorption of protein and amino acids in the body. Apart from these, it also improves the brain function and immune system too.

Piperine or black pepper extract (10 mg per serving)

A 2012 research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, ACS proved that piperine (found in black pepper) can prevent the formation of new fat cells in the body. It can interfere with the genetic activity that controls the formation of fat cells.

Consumption of piperine also facilitates the bioavailability of various nutrients, enabling their effective usage by the body, thus helping in easy absorption of fat burning ingredients contained in Instant Knockout.

Zinc (10 mg per serving)

Bottle opened at homeA key ingredient that ensures healthy testosterone levels in the body, zinc is also useful in the efficient processing of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for energy. It’s very important for anyone engaged in a strenuous exercise regime. Furthermore, consuming zinc on a regular basis can help you burn body fat.

GTF Chromium (100 mcg per serving)

Instant Knockout also contains a tiny amount of chromium in its formulation as it can improve insulin’s ability to regulate blood sugar and energy levels of the body. It carries out this task by helping insulin in transportation of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose into the cells.

Chromium can also aid fat reduction in the body by stimulating protein synthesis and keeping hunger pangs and sweet cravings in check.

How to take it for the best effects?

Each Instant Knockout bottle consists of 120 capsules. You can get the most out of this fat burning supplement, by taking one capsule at four different times of the day.

  • Have one capsule as soon as you wake up, first thing in the morning, let’s say around 8 AM
  • Have the second one before your lunchtime meal, let’s say around 11 AM
  • Have the third one in the afternoon, around 2 PM
  • Have another one prior to your evening meal at around 5 PM

By ensuring that you consistently take four equal dosages of Instant Knockout on a daily basis, you can continue burning fat for longer time periods, and may effectively absorb its nutrients into your body.

Here are some pics showing results achieved with Instant Knockout:

Users results and testimonials

Side effects – Are there any?

Although you can consume this product safely and continuously, it cannot be denied that it does consist of certain natural stimulants. That’s the reason manufacturers recommend its last dosage at least 4 to 5 hours prior to bedtime.

Even though the potency of these Instant Knockout stimulants is lower compared to other fat burners, taking servings of 4 capsules per day may be slightly overwhelming for someone who isn’t used to coffee.

Such people should try starting out with 3 capsules per day and increase the dosages gradually, over a period of time.

People highly sensitive to coffee may experience side effects like dizziness, jitters, abdominal pain and headache. However, these may subside with regular consumption, in a few days/weeks.

In addition, anyone who is already suffering from some medical conditions should take a qualified medical doctor into confidence before starting Instant Knockout consumption.

Pro level athletes who participate in sports competitions at the national/international level should know that they can safely undergo a drug test while using Instant Knockout. This supplement doesn’t consist of any synthetic or banned substances.

Where to buy Instant Knockout?

As of now, you can buy Instant Knockout only from its official website. That’s also the best way to benefit from promotions and discounts offered by the manufacturer from time to time. You can buy it using three different options available there. Following are the Instant Knockout price details for its different packages:

The ultimate packageThe ultimate shredding stack – $ 185 – This stack consists of three bottles of Instant Knockout and an extra bottle (of 120 capsules) added free of cost to the order.

Two months’ supply – $ 118 – As evident, it consists of two bottles of Instant Knockout expected to last two months.

One month’s supply – $ 59 – You get one bottle of Instant Knockout good enough to last one month

Every order of Instant Knockout comes with a comprehensive 90 days’ money-back guarantee. It means that you can try the product in a risk-free arrangement for a period of 90 days, and can ask for a full refund if you don’t see any visible results because of its usage.

The company ships worldwide and has distribution centers in the UK and the US. All orders placed from the US, UK, and Europe are shipped out almost immediately.

Furthermore, Instant Knockout has ensured that its website is completely secure and safe to place orders. There are no recurrent billings and the price you see on their checkout page is the price you’d be actually billed for. No extras.

Review Verdict

I hope this detailed Instant Knockout fat burner review was useful for you and provided you with all the information you needed to make a well-informed decision about its purchase.

On the whole, we can conclude that it’s a very effective fat burner that delivers results by sticking to the fat burning basics which are – boosting the metabolism, reducing hunger pangs and fueling the body’s energy levels.

Where to buy Instant Knockout

Although the product promises a significant metabolic boost, don’t expect to burn fat by continuing sitting on the couch all day!

You’d need to indulge in at least a moderate level of physical activity to see visible results. Making any significant and healthy dietary changes may further improve the fat burning results.

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