The use of steroid among bodybuilders is pretty common stuff. In fact more than what people realize.

Did you see that huge guy benching 600 pounds? He may not have necessarily taken steroids. Perhaps, he had (maybe at a point in time).

And steroid isn’t only about the huge, hulking look. Most guys take a steroid to get averagely lean and muscular as quickly as possible.

Signs of steroid use

Now, before we get to the main deal, I want to make certain things clear. I’m not here to preach you about steroids.

I do not judge guys on steroids. And the majority of huge people I met in the gym do not joke with their diet.

But there is an undeniable fact. Steroids can rapidly accelerate your muscle gain to a point you can never attain the natural way.

The thing is, most regular guys deny the intake of steroids. Even those that take it do not admit publicly that they do. And, sure, I understand. It comes with a stigma, and we do not like to be judged.

The curiousness is setting in, right? Do you want to confirm if that built dude that benches over 100s of pounds is on steroids?

I’ll be revealing 14 of the best ways you can detect if that dude is on a pharmaceutical boost.

Signs of Anabolic Steroids Use:

1. Strikingly Faster Transformation Than Anyone Else

If you see someone who has maintained shape for a long time and then suddenly developed an athletic shape (without reason), it may be steroids at work.

Sure, if an individual starts weightlifting for the first time and does it well, he can achieve great results in a natural way. But, not so great. For example, if the person gained 20pounds of muscles and leaned out heavily, he may be on steroids.

2. Steroid Belly

Bodybuilder with steroid belly

Ever seen one of those shredded guys? The veins won’t stop popping out everywhere.

But check the stomach. It is firm and protruding. He looks like he just got himself pregnant.

You may even notice chiseled ab on his bloated stomach (We’re not referring to guys with lots of Twinkies).

Well, we can bet that he has been on an HGH at a certain point in his life.

Sure HGH cannot be technically identified as a steroid, but they are close cousins. It may indicate that the guy has stylishly engaged in steroids too.

3. Excessive Acne in The Body

Most adults do not complain of acne. Only a rare-occurring pimple on your back or face.

However, guys on juice are often a victim of serious body acne…

This occurs because of the additional testosterone the body produced by actions of steroids.

Testosterone has an effect on how sebaceous gland functions which result in increasing body acne. This is more common in shoulders and backs.

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4. Stretch Mark Forms on The Body

When a guy steps on a steroid cycle, he begins to gain more muscles. And if he also pairs it with the workout sections at the gym, he can get a massive gain within a short period.

But there is a downside. The rapid skin elasticity caused by this massive gain may not be accommodating for the skin.

This leaves the skin with no choice than to develop a stretch mark since it was unable to adjust.

These scars can become permanent on the body. They often occur around the biceps, and mostly on the sides of the chest.

5. Man Boobs

This one is something most guys hope they’ll never experience. Also known as mans boob, Gynecomastia is when your breast tissue enlarges.

Manboobs can be caused by steroid use

The chest begins to sag, and the nipples show a downward position. Not appealing to the eye.

Gynecomastia is believed to occur because of the uneven ratio of estrogen to testosterone in the male’s body.

Typically, men have over 20 times more of women’s testosterone, while women have 5 times estrogen more than men.

However, exogenous testosterone introduced into the body is converted into estrogen. This conversion process is known as aromatization.

It is the reason for a higher estrogen level in certain male steroid users. These are the category of people that suffer the dishearten consequences.

6. The Muscle Mass Begins to Increase

The fact is that muscle gain cannot always be linked to steroids. Sometimes, it may be due to hard work and good genetic makeup.

However, regardless of the hard work/genetic makeup, there’s a limit to the level of muscle a guy can gain naturally within a given period.

One pound of muscle in a week is okay for an averagely experienced weightlifter. For a guy on steroids, there is more.

In fact, an inexperienced steroid user can average 20 to 30 pounds of muscle within a few months.

7. He Gains Muscle and Loses Fat Simultaneously

Steroid users lose fat and gain muscles faster

If you’re not juicing, it is impossible to gain a high amount of muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

Typically, you must choose your priority between the two, and then make a dietary plan around it.

For those on steroids, doing this at the same time is very possible. So if you notice a guy on your gym gaining a significant amount of muscle every week, and then losing fats, even at the same time- Just know he is on something.

8. Huge Muscles in Little Bones

Have you seen a large muscular guy with a small bone structure? He may be on steroids. There is a natural rule of muscle gain and bone structure.

A natural weightlifter’s muscle is dictated by the structures of their bone. It is rare to see a guy with a tiny frame but with the muscles of a WWE champion. Well, it is possible with some external support (steroid)

9. Small Sized Testicle

Sure, this sounds like a joke, but it’s the stack truth.  We’d appreciate it if you can go examine the testicle size of the huge guy over there doing 900 pounds squat.

Well, that’s not our idea. Sure, this can be a downside to using a steroid, so we thought it’s something we should include. The thing is, your testicles handle testosterone production.

When you take a steroid, your body is supplied with testosterone which shuts down the natural production. This results in testicular shrinkage.

However, the shutdown of natural testosterone production is temporal and can be reversed (Though this depends on the carefulness of the steroid holder.)

10. His Skin Looks Flushed

Shiny skin is one of those signs of using steroids

Steroids increase the level of LDL cholesterol which increases blood pressure. Your body temperature begins to increase giving your skin a red look.

Though the super posh guys can have flushed skin, that red-appearance is an obvious sign of juicing. Due to the increased temperature level, a steroid user may experience a frequent sweating.

So if you see a guy who recently gained tons of muscle, alongside a tomato skin and sweat more often… just detected a steroid user.

11. Bad Breath

Okay, but we haven’t found a scientific proof to the reason behind this, but bad breath and steroids are synonymous.

Most steroid users complain of bad breath when on a steroid cycle.

Other juicers claimed that since they begin their steroid cycle, their breath smells like a rotten egg.

Steroids dehydrate the body due to the temperature increase, making you sweat profusely for a long time.

The best way to curb this side effect is to drink more water to hydrate your body and moisten your mouth.

However, lots of people suffer from bad breath, and it doesn’t mean they are on steroids.

If a guy in your gym just blew up some muscles and his smells when you’re both conversing- that’s a real sign of juicing.

12. Change in Facial Structure

When the testosterone level changes, the facial structure also flow with the tide. In other words, it also changes.

High testosterone level leads to a bigger jawline, small eyes, wide face, and bigger forehead.

Sure non-steroid user can have the above-described facial structure.

However, if you see an individual who has passed the puberty stage and their facial structure changed of recent, getting a more muscular look, they can be on a steroid.

13. Irregular Development Occurs in The Upper Parts of His Body Muscles

Identify steroid users by observing weird upper body muscles

The muscles in the upper body have a high level of the androgen receptor. This is why steroid users have their upper body growing abnormally.

Also, the lower part has a low level of androgen receptor, and so growth is on the low end.

Sure, muscles become bigger but vary in growth, so may lead to a larger upper body. But do not be deceived. If you see someone with a huge body but small legs, he may be using a steroid.

What’s more?

Finally, you need to remember that just because you see a huge guy does not mean that he is on steroids.

So always carefully check out these signs before you come to a conclusion. Some are genetically gifted with these features.

Others have heavy work ethics, great training regime, a healthy diet, a great lifestyle and sleeping habits. Some have been training for decades.

Do you wish to figure out whether a particular bodybuilder, model or celebrity is on steroid? It takes into account a genuine minded, evidence-based approach to detecting guys on steroids.

Crosschecking only one of this signs can’t be a proof of steroid use. But when it comes to three or four, that’s strong enough to make a case.

I do not advise you to take steroids. The downside outweighs the benefits.

Do you know now why steroids are bad for your health? Maybe you should search for another option?

There are steroids alternatives out there that mimic steroids effects safely.

You will not experience the harshness faced by steroid users. Make sure you follow the proper dosage and instruction for use.

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