The Oxandrolone Steroid known also as ANAVAR is milder than other Steroids, and even Women use it. It still can give you Serious Side Effects. Learn about its Dosage, Cycle, SAFER Options and the BEST places to Buy it.

Using Oxandrolone for bodybuilding

Anabolic steroids are banned from just about sports league and it’s not openly legal in many countries.

But compared to other anabolic steroids which may be considered utterly dangerous, the Oxandrolone steroid is considered downright friendly by some of its users.

Its side effects are relatively mild, and in fact it’s one of the handful of steroids that women have been known to use.

But “safe” is a relative term, and perhaps using Oxandrolone isn’t quite as safe as it should be.

What is Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is a steroid, and it’s used by quite a few muscle-builders even though it’s generally banned in many countries and in many countries.

It’s actually more known as Anavar, which was its brand name until its manufacturer discontinued its manufacture in 1989.

In 1995 it became available again, though its brand name was changed to Oxandrin.

It offers several benefits to various medical patients, most notably as a way to gain weight after losing pounds due to a medical condition (like AIDS and cancer) or a major surgery.

It’s been used for patients with osteoporosis to help increase their bone density, and it can even be effective against hepatitis.

But these are not the reasons why the Oxandrolone steroid is so well known in the muscle-building community.

The prevalent use of Oxandrolone for bodybuilding is due to the fact that it doesn’t quite lead to the more serious side effects that are commonly associated with other anabolic steroids.

In fact, it’s even known among some people as the “girl steroid”. That’s because it’s so mild and friendly that even women can use it.

Forms of Oxandrolone

Typically, when patients use Oxandrolone 10mg tablets are ingested orally per day, and rarely does the dosage go past 20 mg per day.

The best dosage for optimal resultsBut for male bodybuilders, the low dose for newbies is about 20 to 30 mg per day. This is a low dose that will still provide results.

But most guys take about 40 to 50 mg as the more effective dosage.

There are even those who go as far up as 80 to 100 mg, but then the risk in this case is that it increases the risk of side effects. Normally, the use should last about 6 to 8 weeks before you need to stop.

For women, the common dose is about 5 to 10 mg a day. It can be raised to 15 mg, although it’s rare that this is needed.

Going past 20 mg for women isn’t recommended, since this can lead to acquiring male characteristics. Women also should use this dosage for a cycle of just 6 to 8 weeks only.

It’s possible to use the injectable form of Oxandrolone if you can find it, but that’s not easy.

Also, the benefit of this delivery method is rather inconsequential, since it only offers a slight reduction of stress to your liver.

There’s also the option of using Oxandrolone powder so that you can make your own capsules with a more precise dosage. You can also mix the powder with some kind of oil you can ingest.

Either way, it’s not really worth all the effort for most people.

Where to Buy Oxandrolone

Finding Oxandrolone for sale isn’t always easy, since it’s essentially a controlled substance.

However, if you hang out with veteran bodybuilders it’s very likely that you can find at least one who uses this anabolic steroid. You can then get your Oxandrolone from their dealer.

It’s also possible to buy it online, although again it’s best if you have friends who recommend a particular seller.

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One main problem with this anabolic steroid is that you can never be too sure of the quality you get. This is arguably the most counterfeited anabolic steroid of them all.

It’s very common to find a mislabeled product, meaning that you’re not actually getting real Oxandrolone but another steroid or a placebo. Even if it is really Oxandrolone, in many cases you don’t get the labeled dosage.

Another important factor to consider is that, whether you’re getting a fake or the real thing, it’s extremely expensive.

Other steroids can cost just a few cents per tablet. With Oxandrolone, the cost can get up to $5 each. You’ll be lucky to find it at $2 to $4 per tablet.

Benefits of Oxandrolone

So what does Oxandrolone do for you? There are several notable benefits for users:

* You can take it in pill form, with is a much simpler and less painful way of delivery than an injection.

* It reduces the level of your SHBG hormones, which then leads to higher levels of free testosterone. The increase in free testosterone then leads to bigger muscles.

You’re also reducing the hormones that lead to gaining fat and losing muscles, and that’s great. The reduced SHBG also increases the potency of your other steroids if you’re using the Oxandrolone as part of a stack.

Mild steroid used by women* Oxandrolone also increases nitrogen retention, and that’s conducive to a more anabolic environment that enables you to build bigger muscles.

* Since this increases your red blood cell count, you will enjoy greater muscular endurance so that your muscles don’t get tired as easily.

* This also boosts your cardiovascular endurance, which enables you to exercise for longer periods of time. That’s because your body tissues and muscles get more oxygen.

* Oxandrolone is also among the handful of steroids that can directly cause fat burning, which is why it’s often part of a cutting cycle.

* Its use doesn’t lead to gynecomastia for men, nor does it cause water retention.

* Its effects on women are much more pronounced, so that they don’t need as much to get the results they want.

* For women, it’s very rare for them to experience virilization side effects unless the dosage used is very high.

While getting masculine characteristics is possible, often the solution is to just stop using Oxandrolone and these particular side effects will go away.

As you can see, for a “mild” anabolic steroid it does offer a rather long list of benefits. But it doesn’t mean that the drawbacks can be ignored.

Side Effects of Oxandrolone

What you need to first consider is that using Oxandrolone pills without a proper prescription is illegal.

If you’re part of a sports league, then you may be suspended or banned from your sport. It’s illegal because despite the relative “safety” of the steroid, it’s not really all that safe.

Usage of injectable Oxandrolone

* Perhaps the main problem here is hepatotoxicity, which is just a fancy way of saying that it’s toxic to your liver.

It doesn’t matter that the damage to the liver from Oxandrolone use is milder than what you’ll experience from other steroids. Even with the mild damage, you can’t drink alcohol when you’re using this and you still need to take liver detoxifiers.

If you have any sort of liver issues (such as if you’re a heavy drinker), then this is not an option.

* Like other steroids Oxandrolone also reduces your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally.

Again, users may argue that this effect is milder with Oxandrolone, but you will still need to tale testosterone shots to compensate for the loss. If you don’t, then your T levels will certainly drop to a very low level.

* While not common, it’s possible for men to experience acne, pronounced body hair growth, and for those who are genetically predisposed, hair loss.

If the point of building bigger muscles is to make yourself look better, then these side effects don’t really help you to achieve that purpose.

* Women can also experience body hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris, and a deepening of the vocal chords.

Final Verdict

It is true that Oxandrolone seems a much safer alternative to other steroids. But you need to understand that it’s still dangerous to buy Oxandrolone.

Aside from the fact that it’s extremely expensive, there’s also the very real risk that what you will get isn’t Oxandrolone at all.

If you’re lucky, then it is Oxandrolone but the dosage may not be what’s listed. You may even count yourself lucky if you get a placebo.

Some may instead get a different steroid and you may instead experience more severe side effects than what you expected.

But let’s say you lucked out and got the real thing. Even then, there are the side effects to consider.

You have the threat to your liver, the reduction in natural testosterone production, and the risk of acne, hair growth, and baldness.

There’s just too much risk, especially when there are safer alternatives.

What you should look for is an alternative that provides the benefits of the Oxandrolone steroid without the side effects that come with the use of the anabolic steroid.

You need something that’s a lot safer, and it should be legal to use as well. The good news is that it is possible to find those alternatives, if you know where to look.

If you’re really interested in finding another option that’s safer yet just as effective, then you can check out my article here.


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