Athletes and muscle-builders have been taking the Methandrostenolone steroid for decades, but should you take it too?

Not many people will know about what you’re talking about when you start to discuss the use of Methandrostenolone steroid.

That’s because it’s more known by the original brand name Dianabol. Others even just call it Dbol for short.

Regardless of what you call it, the fact remains that it’s perhaps one of the most important steroids of them all.

Methandrostenolone steroid results

This was the steroid that started the craze for PEDs, and that’s not about to end for a very long while. In fact, the use of Danabol Methandrostenolone is prevalent even today.

One of the distinguishing features of Methandrostenolone is that it wasn’t designed for some other purpose, and then bodybuilders just made use of it for their own purpose.

That’s not the case here. It was designed precisely to help people (men for the most part), gain muscle, become stronger, and perform better as athletes.

It was designed for Olympians, and it gave many others the chance to be the best they can be in their athletic pursuits.

But is it really giving you the chance to be the best you can be? If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t have been banned.

The fact that it’s part of the PEDs disallowed by just about every athletic league in the US speaks to how it may not be a good option – when all things are considered.

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Benefits of Methandrostenolone

There’s a good reason why even now, 6 decades after it was first launched, that Methandrostenolone still remains among the most popular of steroids. Actually, there are several good reasons for this.

1. This is perhaps the best addition to any stack you have ever devised for gaining mass and bulking up. If your stack of steroids is a sports team, then the addition of Methandrostenolone makes all the other team members so much better.

If you’re taking 60 mg of steroid A and steroid B, then adding Methandrostenolone to mix will allow you to cut the dosage of the other steroids to just 30 mg each.

Yet this lower dosage can get you even more impressive gains, while the low dose also reduces the risk and severity of the side effects. It’s this “team player” characteristic of Methandrostenolone that makes it quite invaluable for any stack.

2. Another crucial advantage of the Dbol Methandrostenolone is that it works in dramatic fashion. The mass gains are astonishing, and you get them with surprising rapidity.

It’s not uncommon to enjoy a gain of 20 pounds all in just a matter of a few weeks.

That’s why it’s introduced to a bulking cycle right at the beginning to get a good start to the process, or it’s put in the middle of the cycle when your gains are in a plateau.

What are the gains from it3. With the increase in mass and muscle, you can also expect a sudden increase in strength.

Again, this effect comes in very quickly. You can then start working out like a monster and your intense efforts can result in greater muscle gains.

You may hear about supplements increasing your strength. But they don’t hold a candle to how Methandrostenolone can make you stronger, and that’s true compared to most of the other steroids.

4. Another way that Methandrostenolone helps is that it boosts protein synthesis.

When you exercise, your muscle fibers are torn up. Your body reacts by using the protein you consume to build your muscles back.

So you need more protein for bigger muscles, and with this steroid your body makes sure to use the protein more efficiently.

5. It also encourages nitrogen retention. Nitrogen make up a certain percentage of muscle tissue, and you have to make sure that your nitrogen levels in your muscles are up to a certain level.

If you have enough, then your muscles go into an anabolic state which encourages muscle building. When your nitrogen is deficient, your muscles go into a catabolic or muscle-wasting state.

6. It can also make better use of the total carbohydrate intake in your diet. It’s not among its most crucial benefits, but then you can consider it a bonus.

Side Effects of Methandrostenolone

Now we come to the other side of the equation. We have to consider the drawbacks of taking this steroid, and for health experts they’re enough to warrant the inclusion of Methandrostenolone on the list of banned and controlled substances.

Take a look if to see what you should be worried about:

1. This is an eminently bad steroid to take if you’re worried about your cardiovascular health. In fact, if you have cardio issues then you really need to lay off it.

Even when you feel that you’re doing okay, by using this steroid you have to monitor your cardio health very closely.

That means you need to keep doing cardio exercises and keep to a diet that’s low on saturated fats and rich in omega fatty acid fats instead.

2. One way that it’s dangerous for cardiovascular system is because it will really boost your blood pressure. It’s very possible that you’ll get high blood pressure.

Continuous use of this steroid can cause a buildup of plaque in your arteries, and that’s the cause of the hypertension.

Methandrostenolone pills side effects

3. It will also wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels, which again risks your cardio health.

It tends to suppress your good HDL cholesterol while it boosts the level of your bad LDL cholesterol.

You also have to be very careful (or in other words, avoid) using aromatase inhibitors to counteract the estrogen side effects, because these AIs can also mess with your cholesterol levels as well.

4. Then there’s the testosterone problem. Men of a certain age start losing their capacity to produce testosterone naturally.

By taking Dbol, you really will screw up your body’s ability to produce testosterone. It will be a drastic reduction to your testosterone levels.

If you leave it untreated, you’ll end up with sexual difficulties, fat gain, muscle loss, and general fatigue. That’s why it’s a must for you to compensate for this loss by also taking testosterone shots as part of the Dianabol package.

When you’re off the Methandrostenolone, your body can start to produce testosterone again, but it will be a slow recovery.

5. Here’s another important reason why it’s bad for you: it’s poisonous for your liver.

This isn’t a minor problem either. You have to stop drinking, and you need to stop taking medications that can stress the liver.

It’s serious enough that you can’t go over 6 weeks for your use of Methandrostenolone. Once you stop, you can’t start with any sort of liver-stressing steroid for the next 6 weeks either, so that your liver will have enough time to recuperate from the damage you’ve done.

6. To add to all this, there’s also the possibility of androgenic effects. Now in light of the other dangers these may not seem serious.

It may not seem like especially dangerous to your health if you suffer hair loss if you’re genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness.

You won’t die of acne, and you certainly can live with excessive and rapid body hair growth. But then these can really make you feel unattractive, and that’s not good.

The point for many people when they build muscles and burn fat is to look good and these androgenic effects certainly won’t help.

7. Finally, you also have to worry about estrogenic Methandrostenolone side effects. The water retention is bad enough as it can affect your blood pressure.

But there there’s also the risk of gynecomastia, and that doesn’t really look overly masculine even when you have large muscles.

Buying and Taking This Steroid

Buying Methandrostenolone should be prety easy. You can now buy Methandrostenolone pills with various dosages, so you can customize the dosage.

When it first came out, you had to measure your own dose with the liquid Methandrostenolone and then you had to inject it as well.

Now every seller of steroids has pills and injectables available, and the price is often very reasonable because of the ready supply.

Nowadays, a single Methandrostenolone 25mg can work for a whole day for most people.

Some can even get very good results with as little as 15 mg a day.

You can increase the dose to 35mg a day if you can take it, but very few people need to go as high as 50 mg a day.

Buy the best option and learn how to take it

There are 2 options as to how you take it for the day.

  1. One is to take the single dose near the time of your workout, so you can take advantage of the strength increase when you lift weights.
  2. The other option is to divide the daily dose into 2 or 3 equal doses which you can take throughout then day. That may help maintain your peak blood levels.

But there’s actually a third option. You can forego taking Methandrostenolone steroid altogether and look for suitable alternatives.

You can actually find other ways to enjoy the benefits of Dbol without having to put up with the rather serious side effects.

If you want to know what those options are, continue your research with this report at

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