Legal Steroids in Bodybuilding

Steroids’ popularity in fitness and bodybuilding circle

Steroid use is a very common phenomena in the fitness community, especially for bodybuilders and weightlifters.  Even though many steroids have been deemed dangerous for professional athletes, there are still some professional sportsmen who use steroids.  Its popularity is because these performance enhancing supplements or drugs are quite effective.  Many of them have been banned and labeled as having serious side effects for the body by the American FDA.

The good news is that not all steroids are highly risky, there are safer and natural alternatives.  We are going to explore that option in this blog post.  These alternatives are popularly known as legal or steroids. 

Let’s address the most pressing question first. Are steroids legal in bodybuilding?  Yes.  There are steroids that are over the counter.  They may not be as potent, but they are surely safer.

What is a legal steroid?

What is a legal steroid

The term legal steroids refers to dietary supplements that can improve muscle mass and athletic performance. Legal steroids are so far, still the safest option if you intend to take bodybuilding seriously.  For neophytes, this is the best option since this has almost no side effects when it is taken according to package instructions.  With legal steroids, you won’t have to take injections.  Almost all legal steroids are taken orally.

Are anabolic steroids and legal steroids the same?

Legal and anabolic steroids will offer the same effects in the body, but they are different.  The latter is deemed more potent, but requires prescription and was originally manufactured to treat medical conditions.  Since most anabolic steroids have a higher testosterone content, it became popular in the fitness community.  This however is addictive and has harsher side effects.  

The main difference between legal and anabolic steroids is the synthetic testosterone content of the latter.  Legal steroids have natural ingredients.  It is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from different herbal extracts. These carefully selected natural ingredients have been selected to naturally increase testosterone and provide a variety of other physical benefits. Because they are dietary supplements, they are not individually evaluated or approved by the FDA.

Why are legal steroids safer than other forms of steroids?

legal steroids safer than other forms of steroids

Natural steroids are much safer than synthetic formulations because they do not cause side effects nor do they pose health risks.  They do not act as fast and as potent as chemical ones, but they are suitable for long-term use.  This means that you need to have more physical activities and you need to be very conscious with what you eat.  

In general, these supplements can be used by anyone and are available without a prescription.  However, all of these products are subject to general age restrictions and should not be used by anyone under the age of 18.  Moreover, men should also avoid using these products excessively and should consult with their healthcare provider to understand the role of legal steroids.

Is it possible for legal steroids to be as strong as anabolic steroids?

No, they will never be.  As mentioned earlier, legal steroids are made from a combination of natural ingredients.  It will definitely improve your body’s overall function.  But as for increased muscle mass, lesser exhaustion whenever you are training intensively, and other bodybuilding  While anabolic steroids, especially the injectable form, are more potent and fast acting, the associated risks should never be taken lightly.  Remember, anabolic steroids can do incredible things in just a few injections, but it also means that there could be permanent damage to your health.  

Who can use legal or natural steroids?

use legal or natural steroids

As with all other dietary supplements, these legal natural steroids are recommended for healthy individuals who do not have a serious illness or medical condition, or who are taking prescription medications.  The general rule for both sexes is for anyone below 18 to totally avoid  all forms of steroids.  This unfortunately includes legal steroids.  For women, those who are pregnant and breastfeeding cannot take these supplements.  

Can people with diabetes still take legal steroids?

Diabetes is a serious medical condition.  However, the symptoms that diabetics experience can be controlled and managed with proper diet, exercise, and medication.  There are legal steroids for different purposes.  For diabetics, it is highly advisable to stick to ones for shredding.  

CrazyBulk’s clenbuterol is the safest in the market for diabetics.  Clenbutrol has appetite suppressing abilities.  However, you have to increase your intake of lean meat and fiber rich foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits.  Legal steroids for shredding, when taken with the monitoring of a physician, is actually helpful for diabetics since it lowers your cravings for food.  

Can women also take legal steroids?

Yes, it is permissible for women to take legal steroids.  However, they have to stay away from the ones that have been labeled exclusively for men.  These are usually the legal steroids that are used for bulking up.  Legal steroids for shredding purposes are great for women.  It won’t have masculinizing properties.  

Why should everyone avoid using anabolic – androgenic steroids (AAS)? 

Aside from the fact that the DFA warns against using AAS, classifying them as illegal, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also warns against them.  The DEA classifies most AAS as schedule III drugs.  Unsupervised intake of AAS can result to a fine of $1,000.  What’s worse is that you can also be imprisoned for a year when you self-administer these drugs.  They’re never a good choice because of the numerous negative effects they have in the body that can potentially be permanent.    Some of these side effects are liver damage, irritability, cardiac arrest, enlarged breasts, shrinking testicles, decreased sperm production, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

Three main types of legal steroids

  • Bulking Supplements

These are the ones that are usually exclusive for men.  The main purpose of this supplement is to increase muscle mass to achieve a bulkier and leaner body.

  • Strength Supplements

These are the ones that are commonly used by those who are in the intermediate and advanced levels of weightlifting.  Take note that this type of steroid plays no role in cutting body fat and increasing muscle mass.  The primary role of this supplement is to greatly reduce your exhaustion when you do intense workout.  

  • Shredding Supplement

This type of legal steroid is common among those who are in sports because it keeps you trim by increasing your body’s fat metabolism.  It helps speed up weight loss.  

Let’s examine the most commonly used ingredients in legal steroids.

Amino acids

This is present in all legal steroid products.  Amino acids are known to be the building blocks of proteins and are needed to build healthier muscles.  This plays a huge role when you suffer from an injury too, since you’ll be able to recover faster and bounce back to your workout routine.  


This herb  is popular for shredding supplements.  It is very potent in burning body fat, increasing muscle mass, boosting strength and agility.


Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that improves your focus. It also keeps you awake and allows you to train at higher intensity levels.  Caffeine boost from the supplement is significantly useful when you consume it before a workout.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) 

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) give you that extra boost you need during your workout.  BCAAs add more energy during your workout.  It also aids in maintaining muscle mass by triggering the prevention of muscle breakdown.

How long do you have to wait before you feel the effects of legal steroids?

On average, those who took this more natural approach as a supplement for bodybuilding, along with intense discipline and lifestyle changes have seen very positive results in the 5th week.  Most claim to experience significantly impressive results after 10 weeks of use.  If you don’t experience the results that you want after a month, it might be good to consult a doctor.  Your metabolic rate might be slower, or you might need to have a change in your diet and workout regimen.  

Best legal steroids for male bodybuilders:

  • D-Bal Max (alternative for Dianabol) for muscle growth
  • Testo-Max (alternative for Sustanon): for testosterone boost
  • CrazyBulk Bulking Stack: for muscle growth and stacking 
  • Clenbutrol – for burning fat and shredding
  • CrazyBulk Cutting Stack – for cutting cycles
  • HBulk (alternative for Somatropin): most natural alternative to HGH injections
  • WINCUT (alternative for Winstrol): for added stamina, endurance, and energy levels
  • Trenorol (alternative for Trenbolone): for bulking, strength, and power
  • Anvarol  (alternative for Anavar): for fat reduction, energy, and leaner muscle
  • Decaduro (alternative for Deco Durabolin): for strength, endurance, and recovery after intense workout 

Best legal steroids for women

Crazy Bulk is by far, the best retailer of natural steroid alternatives for women.  Below is a list of the 3 best products they have for women:

  • Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol)
  • Anvarol (Anavar)
  • Winsol (Winstrol)

All of the products mentioned above can also be taken together to maximize fat loss and increase muscle mass.  

What is the most potent legal steroid in the market?

It is tricky to identify which legal steroid is the most potent since genetics also play a huge role on how your body reacts to these products.  Lifestyle also plays a vital role in seeing the improvements that you have set for a specific timeline.  It is always wise to explore first for at least half a year before you settle on one product or a combination of several products.  

Important considerations before purchasing legal steroids


The label may not be truthful.  So you need to do your due diligence.  Check the ingredients by doing your independent research on the quality, purity, and effectiveness of the product.  Also make sure to have a look at the testimonies by those who have used a certain product before buying it.  

Reviews of real consumers 

Legitimate reviews will give you a better idea on what you will be putting inside your body.  Don’t just rely on the website that sells the product.  Double check if the people who used the products are real.  

Brand recognition

If you want effective and risk free legal steroid alternatives, always choose popular and desirable brands over unknown brands  that may be cheaper but have a compromised quality.  Branded products may cost more, but they will ensure your safety with great muscle building effects in the long run.

Possible allergic reaction

Again, this is when you really have to be mindful of the ingredients.  Even if you are choosing the all natural supplement, there are some ingredients that might possibly cause an allergic reaction to you.  Getting a full allergy test is immensely helpful before taking any legal steroids.

Benefits of legal steroids:

  • Enhanced protein synthesis that results to a more desirable figure by increasing your lean muscle mass
  • Enhance the ability of your body to burn fat faster
  • Heightened energy levels and less exhaustion after a strenuous workout
  • More affordable then synthetically manufactured steroids
  • Easier to take because they are usually manufactured to take orally, unlike anabolic steroids that have to be injected throughout a cycle.

Potential side effects of using legal steroids

  • Ingredients could be harmful if they are from an unknown brand
  • Possible DMMA (dimethylamylamine) content that has been declared by the FDA to be unsafe.  DMMA can cause severe headaches and vomitting.
  • When taken in very high dosages, this can cause digestive problems 

Can I use legal steroids continuously?

When taken properly, yes, by all means, you can use the legal steroids continuously.  But don’t expect to see your desired outcome for about 4 months.  If you want to increase your dosage, you should consult a physician first.  Relying on what you think your body can take can lead to experiencing the same side-effects that those who take anabolic steroids will have.  

Recommended lifestyle when you take legal steroids

Aside from the obvious lifestyle changes, it will be great if you get adequate sleep.  Your sleep quality will help replenish the damaged muscle cells.  Thus, you will see the results that you desire faster.  

Consider working with a personal trainer for you to be properly guided with your routine in the gym, and other beneficial physical activities.  You will also need to include more whole wheat grains as a source of carbohydrates.  Make sure to get enough vitamin A, D, C and K.  

Final thoughts on legal steroids

Now that you have a better understanding of legal steroids, always remember that your doctor still knows what’s best for you.  You may also choose to go to a comprehensive consultation with a nutritionist for you to better understand the ingredients that are in the legal steroid options.  

Choose products that offer a money-back guarantee.  Not only will it be worth every penny, but this option means that the manufacturer is very serious and that each customer is valuable to them.  Be consistent with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle in general.

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