Want to Get Rid of Man Boobs? Following are some of the MOST efficient Workouts for building an Attractive Chest and Losing your Male Breast.

Get rid of man boobs

Uplifted or swollen chest is one of the most hated appearances by men. In some cases, the giant appearance of the chest area sometimes becomes necessary to remove.

Most of the people recognize such bulking of the chest as “Man Boobs.”Lack of information about this condition in the past led to most men facing embarrassment due to having and not knowing how to get rid of man boobs.

However, studies have now revealed that the leading reasons for developing man boobs have to do with the accumulation of extra fats in your chest (pseudogynecomastia).

Some people also have man boobs due to the swelling of breast tissue because of a hormonal imbalance caused by chest glands (gynecomastia).

Eating a lot of junk food also plays its part in making men suffer from such a condition. A higher calorie rate due to food in your body also has damaging impacts which usually lead towards the growth of a large chest.

Another reason for developing this condition is an intake of anabolic steroids.

If you’re someone who is suffering from such a condition, you need to know that it can be treated.

Workouts To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Following are some of the most important and efficient workouts for building an attractive chest and getting rid of man boobs.

  • Plyo pushups

Chest exercises plyo push ups

Plyo pushups are mostly recommended for men who want to reshape their chests. You can perform this exercise by getting into pushup position.

Now, start lowering your chest until a gap of not more than 1 inch is left from ground. At this position, you need to perform an action that makes these pushups different from traditional ones.

With an explosive push in the upward direction, you are to raise your body into the air. Clap your hands while you’re in the midair. Catch yourself again on the ground.

Don’t lose momentum for the next repetition. Keep repeating the process 6-8 times. Regular Plyo pushups will bring your chest in proper shape within days.

You can also increase the number of Plyo pushups after building stamina. To build a massive and attractive chest keep pushing yourself and pause while performing this exercise.

  • Normal pushups

For giving a proper shape to your chest, you can also perform standard pushups regularly. About 10 to 15 normal pushups per day are enough to start burning the accumulated fats in your chest.

Pushups chest exercise

Standard pushups are easy to perform. You just need to lean on the ground with your arms carrying the weight of your body and fix your feet for support.

Again lower your chest until a minimum gap is left between your chest and the ground. Here you don’t need an explosive push.

Just raise your body with the arms and then come back to starting position. Repeat the same process for the next rep.

  • Running and workout

You can push yourself harder to build a massive chest. Building your stamina by running is easy. You just need to add 20-minutes regular running in your daily routine, after which pushups can be performed.

If you want to give yourself a perfect look under the supervision of a professional instructor, then the gym is the best place for you.

The professional instructor will you understand what kind of workouts you should perform. Pushing yourself harder at the gym, under professional supervision, will help you achieve the psychic you want within months.

Moreover, if you want to attain a perfect chest then specially designed workouts for chest are effective as well.

  • High Impact Exercises

There are two best high impact exercises for men for building a massive chest while getting rid of man boobs.

Swimming is one of the most productive and efficient exercises a person can perform. Not only does swimming provide you with a full body workout, but it also focuses a lot of your upper body area.

Swimming will help you reshape your chest and make it athletic. Swimming strengthens the chest muscles, and this eliminates man boobs.

Eliptical training for chest muscles


Elliptical training is also recommended to men for attaining a massive chest and getting rid of man boobs.

Elliptical training keeps your heart rate up. Increased heart rate forces your body to utilize maximum calories for meeting the demand of energy consumption.

Such training also focuses on the upper part of your body. Hence by burning the extra fats, your chest will attain a perfect appearance with strong muscles.

Low impact routines are best for men who have crossed the age of 45. If such individuals perform high impact exercises, then injuries are likely to occur. Torn ligament is the most painful result of high impact exercise in aged people.

Different Gynecomastia exercises

Gynecomastia is referred as an extreme condition of developing enlarged breasts in men. A higher level of fats stored in your body due to the intake of fatty foods makes the chest appear unattractive.

The accumulated fats along higher calorie rate and swollen breast glands cause the chest to become a reason of embarrassment for men suffering from such a condition.

For many physicians dealing with Gynecomastia through exercise is not a wise approach. In Gynecomastia, the amalgamation of fats is so intense that it demands proper surgery for its removal or consumption of appropriate medication.

Trying to lower the fats in your chest by medication is the first step. If medicine is not giving the noticeable results, then surgery becomes essential.

For most men paying for breast reduction surgery is more favorable than carrying man boobs with them and facing humiliation.

Gynecomastia treatments

There also exist exercises for dealing with the problem of man boobs. These exercises are useful for men who are at the initial stage of Gynecomastia. Giving your chest a proper shape by undertaking light exercise is the best thing that you can do.

Performing regular exercise and putting in hard work to maintain your body physic can increase the chances of stopping Gynecomastia at an early stage.

Usually, excessive exercise is not recommended in severe Gynecomastia. Rigorous exercise can sometimes prove counterproductive in most cases.

So, to avoid the dangers of harming your health you just need to push your body to a certain limit after getting professional help from a doctor.

You doctor can tell you about the proper training and exercise for diminishing man boobs. The proposed exercises are best to minimize the size of your abnormal swollen boob size without facing any health hazards.

When regular exercise is added to your routine, then you have a chance to flatten your chest. You just need to be committed to eliminating your man boobs with regular exercises.

Following Gynecomastia exercises are often recommended to men who are suffering from this condition

  • Daily cardio exercise

Regular cardio exercise is considered to be favorable for men suffering from man boobs. Daily cardio exercise aims to keep your heart rate high.

Burning calories to meet the demand of the body is more proficient in bringing down the symptoms of Gynecomastia.

Moreover, you can also consider doing light workouts. At the gym, you just need to perform light weight exercise for giving your chest a proper shape and getting rid of man boobs.

  • Running

Adding a running session in your daily routine can help you to get rid of man boobs. Just add a running session of 20 minutes. You can consider parks for running.

The treadmill provides you the indoor facility to perform running. Running is beneficial as sweating indicates the burning of body fats from the chest and others parts of the body.

Rrunning for getting rid of man boobs

You need to run 3-4 times in a week for a productive outcome. For attaining the desired aim of losing man boobs within weeks you just need to increase the frequency of the running sessions per week. Increase it to 5-6 per week after developing stamina.

  • Triple treat method

Triple treat method is the combination of the all the gynecomastia exercises, proper diet and  and use of medications such as gynecomastia pills or breast reduction cream.

The fusion of all these proficient techniques guarantees results when used properly. Triple treat method is the fastest method of getting rid of man boobs.

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