Here is my review of the Growth Hormone Stack from CrazyBulk. They say it’s a combination of 5 of their BEST supplements. Let’s check what this stack contains, how it works and what results you could expect to get after using it.

Review of Growth Hormone Stack

Most people stop growing after their teens, but that doesn’t mean that your size must remain the same when you’re an adult. In fact, you can get obese if you’re not careful.

But you can be bigger the right way, with a proper diet and an intense weightlifting workout. You also need the right supplements, and that’s where the Growth Hormone Stack from Crazy Bulk comes in.

What is the Growth Hormone Stack from Crazy Bulk?

The Growth Hormone Stack is a “stack” of several different supplements designed to work in conjunction to help you grow bigger the right way. You don’t have to be a 98-pound weakling if you don’t have to.

You need the right diet and the right workout program, but with this stack of supplements, you can get better results.

You maximize the muscle gains from your workout efforts and you optimize how your body uses the protein to build muscles.

Growth stack crazy resultsCrazyBulk made its mark in the bodybuilding community by designing safer alternatives to dangerous anabolic steroids.

Steroids lead to all types of side effects, ranging to embarrassing (acne, hair loss, and man boobs) to life-threatening (liver damage and cardiovascular issues). They’re illegal to boot.

Steroids are effective, which is why so many people persist in using them despite the risks. They’re also often used in stacks to make them work more effectively.

The Crazy Bulk supplements are effective too, and they’re also more effective when used in stacks.

How Does Growth Stack from Crazy Bulk Work?

How this CrazyBulk stack works

Crazy Bulk supplements use natural ingredients so that you don’t risk any sort of side effects. Consequently, you don’t need a medical prescription and they’re also completely legal.

You just take the capsules several times a day, and for best results, you should take the stack continuously for an 8-week cycle.

This stack contains 5 different supplements:


A lot of people know the value of testosterone these days. It helps bodybuilders gain energy, strength, and stamina to help them work out more intensely so they can build bigger muscles.

Of course, synthetic testosterone isn’t really safe which is why its use isn’t legal in sports.

The human body does produce testosterone naturally, although T-levels can decrease the older men get.

Testo-Max helps with this because it encourages the body to produce more testosterone naturally and therefore safely. If you’re determined to build bigger muscles, then this must be part of your growth stack.

User of HGH stackHGH-X2

HGH is considered by many sports leagues as a banned PED (performance enhancing drug). That’s because it can cause a very long list of dangerous side effects.

However, like testosterone, it is a hormone that your body produces. In fact, its very name signifies its importance if you want to grow bigger muscles. HGH stands for human growth hormones!

HGH-X2 supplement helps your body to produce more HGH naturally.

HGH encourages muscle growth and also boots protein production (which your body needs to build the bigger muscles you want). It helps with faster recovery as well.

It also boosts your metabolism so that your body increases its use of your excess fat. This helps you grow bigger the right way, by building bigger muscles instead of becoming fatter.


This ingredient helps your body retain more nitrogen, which is the main component for protein synthesis. Your body is encouraged to stay in an anabolic state, which means that your body is primed for muscle growth.

What you don’t want is a negative nitrogen balance that indicates a catabolic state. This is when your body is actually using up your muscle tissue to meet your body’s nutritional needs.

DecaDuro also helps increase the production of red blood cells, which carries the oxygen to your muscles. More oxygen goes to your muscles, which helps you gain stamina and strength and also leads to faster recovery.

Growing results


This is another component of the stack that’s instrumental for gaining bigger muscles. It boosts the intensity and duration of your workouts, which makes them more effective in building the muscles you’re looking for. You’re able to lift heavier weights and do more reps.

D-Bal also helps your muscles maximize the gains from your protein intake. So even without increasing the amount of protein you consume each day, you can end up with bigger muscles from that protein.

It’s also helpful in boosting your concentration. That makes it useful for the gym and the workplace as well.

Advantages of the Growth Stack from Crazy Bulk:

So why get the Growth Stack from Crazy Bulk?

Benefits of Crazy Bulk Growth StackIt’s safer than steroids, and safer than a lot of other supplements out there. It doesn’t cause any type of side effects at all.

  • It’s completely safe with a long history in the supplement industry.
  • It’s also completely legal to take. You won’t get in trouble with your sports league, and you can take it without a prescription.
  • It’s easy to take. You just swallow some capsules, and you don’t have to inject anything.
  • You get a 20% discount when you buy it as a stack instead of buying the particular supplements individually.
    In addition, you buy 2 stacks and you get the 3rd for free. The delivery is also free for many areas, including the US and Canada.
  • This growth stack actually works. You can’t say the same of many supplements out there.


Becoming bigger is a common dream of many, but it doesn’t have to be a dream (or a nightmare when you get fat). Instead, you can work out, eat right and add the Growth Hormone Stack to accelerate your gains.

Get the Growth Hormone Stack from the CrazyBulk website here >>

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