While there have always been women who lifted weights to bulk up, the fact that it has actually become a trend is an exciting change.

Best steroids for women

It signifies that more and more women are now interested in building their strength instead of just getting their bodies in great shape.

But as the female body isn’t wired to get bulky, it’s trickier for women to start looking tough and rocky compared to men.

This explains the popularity of the search for the best steroids for women. These products will help women gain and retain their muscle size and strength, allowing them to achieve the bulked-up look they’re going for.

In this article, we’ll talk about how women can achieve bigger muscles with the help of steroids.

We’ll clue you in on the best techniques that will let you maximize these supplements in shaping your body accordingly.

But it won’t just tackle the basics. We’ll also focus on helping you find the best and safest options out there.

Female bodybuilding steroids can have certain effects on the body, so it’s imperative that you only use the most effective and safest options to ensure your good well-being.

So to sum it all up, expect this article to talk about:

  • Popular, effective, and safest steroids for women;
  • Possible side effects of steroids on female bodybuilders; and
  • Which steroids to use and avoid to ensure your good health.

Female friendly bodybuilding supplements

Women and Steroids

A lot of women are now subscribing to the “strong, not skinny” concept when getting in shape. This is why they’re not shy to lift weights anymore as it can help them build strength and do more.

For some, it’s also a great way to stay fit as you can monitor the improvement of your strength when you lift.

With weight training also comes the use of steroids, though. This is why it shouldn’t surprise you that women also use steroids. In fact, they might even feel a more pressing need to do such if they want to bulk up.

Why Women Use Steroids?

Testosterone is one of the key ingredients in bulking up. While women have some of this male hormone, they don’t have enough to help you bulk up right away.

So, if a woman wants to look all muscley, they need to up their testosterone levels. Steroids can help you do just that.

Steroids are formulated to help increase your testosterone levels. As a result, it can trick your body into building more muscles and retaining it afterward.

This is the very reason why women don’t bulk up easily, as their bodies do not have enough of the key ingredient that allows such to happen.

Positive Effects of Women Using Steroids

In all honesty, it shouldn’t really be surprising to learn that girls are on steroids nowadays. This substance is also useful in losing weight which is a common goal for the female population.

Example of one of the women on steroids

So those who are brave and creative enough to try unique ways of shedding a few pounds may have been taking these drugs for a while now.

According to experts, steroids can also help the body burn more fat with ease.

This is a highly attractive benefit for those who are looking for ways to get in better shape because the female body is wired to store fat.

By taking something that can counter that, you might find yourself in better shape in no time.

Aside from being helpful in improving your shape, steroids are also said to help boost your muscle recovery between workouts.

It can also increase your strength and stamina which can result in better overall performance.

So, all in all, it’s truly promising if you want to achieve certain fitness goals right away.

Can Women Lose Weight with Steroids?

With steroids being helpful in burning fats faster, you might be wondering whether it can help you lose weight.

The fact that there are available weight loss steroids for females in the market can really sell the idea that losing weight with steroids is entirely possible.

But are their claims true?

Technically, yes, there are steroids that will help you lose weight. Note, however, that they are not the same ones that will help you bulk up.

They’re commonly known as cutting agents that are different from the bulking agents which are used to help you gain lean muscle mass.

With estrogen being the very reason why women store a lot of fat in their bodies, countering it with an increase in testosterone should help even things out.

The higher testosterone levels can trick the body into not storing more fat, resulting in weight loss when combined with the creation of a higher caloric deficit and exercise.

In short, women can lose weight with cutting steroids but some work is also necessary to achieve the best results.

If you can combine the three – exercise, a good diet, and the best steroids for women, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll shed some pounds effectively.

Negative Effects of Abusing Steroids in Women

There’s no denying that steroids have promising benefits for women. However, no one can also deny that the female steroids side effects are just as scary.

Taking these drugs is basically altering the body’s composition, so it’s bound to have some negative side effects on your body.

Some of the most common ones are the following:


Virilization in female is one of the side effects

Steroids will boost the body’s testosterone levels so if a woman takes this drug, it should be expected for them to develop some masculine traits over time.

Your body will produce such changes as a reaction to your hormone levels, which is why the virilization of female bodybuilders is pretty common.

This condition usually entails a number of changes in the body. The most obvious ones include the deepening of one’s voice, male-pattern hair growth, changes in one’s facial structure, changes in a breast tissue and even an enlarged clitoris.

In many cases, women who are on steroids also experience infertility and menstrual abnormalities.


Hormonal imbalance is a common cause for acne and steroids will throw your hormone levels out of whack.

This is why you should also expect acne breakouts when taking this drug.

Internal Organ Issues

Your body’s hormonal imbalance can also do a number of damages to your internal organs.

Some liver disorders are caused by the use of steroids as well as some cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol levels are also sometimes attributed to steroid use.

Emotional Issues

Steroids can also wreak havoc on your emotions. It could be the imbalance in your hormones or all the other changes the drug is doing to your body, but you can experience mania, mood swings, hostility, depression, and anxiousness.

While not all of the female steroids side effects seem too alarming, these side effects can still seriously affect the quality of your life.

This should push you to be more careful and discerning when it comes to the product you’ll use to bulk up.

Top 3 Steroids for Women:

Muscular female on steroids

Now that you know about the basics of female steroids, the next thing that you might want to know about is the actual products that will help you improve your body shape.

For these, here are three of the most popular steroids for women:


Hailed as the ‘girl steroid’, the Anavar is possibly one of the most highly preferred products by the “girls who lift” in social media.

Some men also prefer this over other steroids. This can be because it’s deemed as a mild option for those who want to stay safe when bulking up.

Usually described as an all-around anabolic steroid as it’s ideal for both cutting and bulking, it’s a very versatile product. It’s also known as Oxandrolone and is classified as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

Its ability to bind to androgen receptors makes most of its benefits possible as it also allows the substance to use the T3 or triiodothyronine hormones in the body.

As this product is first released in the 1960s as a therapeutic drug, it has a few effects that you might want to know about. For one, it can help you gain weight and improve the balance of your hormone levels.

Performance wise, it has an anabolic rating of 300-600 which is a few times more than the standard 100.

Surprisingly, however, it’s not known for helping you bulk up. It’s more popularly used for its effective cutting abilities. This makes it an effective choice for women.


Also commonly referred to as Winny, Winstrol is another popular product among men and women.

It’s best known for its performance enhancing capabilities as well as for being one of the safest options out there.

The FDA actually rated it as such but what really makes it safe to use is the fact that it has low levels of virilization.

This makes it ideal for female users as this drug manages to mitigate the scariest side effect of being on steroids.

Another reason why this product is very popular is the fact that you can take it orally. Unlike other steroids that you need to inject, this formula can survive the digestive tract and still prove to be useful after.

It can also produce the protein which is an essential nutrient in muscle building.

What makes it a great choice for women is the fact that you don’t have to take a lot to see results. 5 to 10 mg a day will already be enough for women to start developing muscles.


Technically, clenbuterol is not a steroid. It’s a stimulant that has the same effects as cutting steroids. This is why a lot of people also use it as such.

What makes it popular among women is its effectiveness in burning fats while preserving lean muscle tissue. It works by increasing the rate of your metabolism, resulting in your body functioning better.

Despite their popularity, however, we do not recommend their use. While they are effective and deemed safe by a lot of experts, they still come with dangerous side effects.

Misusing these products is also easy to do which is also why they’re not trusted by everyone.

Aside from these three, there are lots of other steroids that women should steer clear of. These can bring in major side effects on your body:

  • Sustanon
  • Anadrol (oxymetholone)
  • Dianabol (methandrostenolone)
  • Trenbolone

In fact, women should stay away from anything that contains decanoate, enanthate, cypionate, undecylenate.

These will affect your body negatively, so it’s better to look for alternatives instead.

What are the Safe Alternatives for Women?

Instead of the items mentioned above, we recommend supplements from CrazyBulk as alternatives.


Be strong and sexy with safe supplements

Because these products are not steroids, they won’t put your body at risk of the same things anabolic steroids will. This makes them safer options for women.

What are these products? Here are the three that you can check out today:

If you want to look for other options, it’s also very important to stick with the legal ones.

Go for the products that are tested and approved for sale by the government. This will help ensure that they’re safe for general consumption even if they still have some possible side effects.

Post Cycle Therapy: Is It Necessary for Women?

Before you start doing more research about the best steroids for you, this is another point that you need to take note of.

You’ll read a lot about Post Cycle Therapy or PCT being a necessary step in bulking up for men so you might also feel compelled to go through this step.

This helps to reset the production of testosterone in men, so should women also do it?

According to experts, women on steroids should also do this after going through a steroid cycle. This can help control mood swings and prevent depression which are common side effects of taking steroids.

It can also help your estrogen levels to bounce back so it can really come in handy in keeping your system in check.


Anabolic steroids may seem like the best options available for women to bulk up but with their side effects, they can really turn some people away from trying to achieve their body goals.

Fortunately, there are legal and safer alternatives available like the ones mentioned above.

The fact that they’ll let you skip the side effects make them more appealing than the best steroids for women.

Keep in mind that women only need a small amount of testosterone boost to start bulking up. This guarantees that you don’t really need to go for the strongest steroids on the market today to get the results you want.

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