What are the best bodybuilding supplements? Learn the secrets that bodybuilders use right here.

It’s a common misconception that muscle building supplements are magic potions that would make anyone looked ripped and sexy.

The truth is that six-pack abs and ripped bodies are achieved mainly by regularly working out and maintaining a healthy diet.

These are the two important factors for growing muscles, and boosting your strength and stamina.

But this is not to say that muscle building supplements are not important as well. Think of these products as a vital support to a consistent strength training program and healthy diet.

Simply put, if you want to have bulging muscles fast then you would need to take superior quality muscle building supplements.

The most effective bodybuilding supplements

Bodybuilders know for a fact that they can’t merely rely on a proper diet and extensive strength training alone to build larger muscles more effective.

They need supplements to build bigger muscles in a shorter amount of time, but some bodybuilding supplements are simply better than others.

You’ll notice that every rabid body builder takes muscle building supplements. Aside from these products, there are protein bars, fat burners, protein shakes, and even steroids.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products sold in the market. The bodybuilding supplements industry sold $2.7 billion worth of products back in 2008, and the demand has even increased in recent years. And that doesn’t even cover the use of steroids.

That’s a lot of money for supplements about which the health care industry has a lot of misgivings. Most doctors absolutely recommend against the use of steroids.

Others even counsel against legal supplements, although an equal number of doctors do say that some supplements are beneficial.

What Are The Benefits of Steroids?

For some bodybuilders, the surest way to get results is to use steroids. The bodybuilding community is notorious for its prevalent use of these substances, ever since the 1960s when the Soviets used them for their Olympic weightlifters and the Americans started using them too to compensate.

Just about every famous weightlifter in history has used them, including Arnold the Terminator whose arguably the most famous of them all.

For example, steroids that act as lean muscle supplements can boost muscle development and make sure that all your weight gain during your strength training is all muscle.

During the cutting phase, you can use steroids to make sure that you hold on to your muscles while you try to get rid of your excess body fat.

Steroids can give you the energy you need so that you can maximize your weight lifting efforts.

You can lift heavier weights and for a longer period of time, and that can accelerate the way you gain muscle. They can also improve how efficiently you absorb the nutrients in your food.

Bodybuilding with safe and legal supplements

The Drawbacks of Steroids

But these particular types of supplements for muscle growth are extremely dangerous for your health, which is why they are illegal.

Sports governing bodies will penalize you using steroids, and you can be suspended and castigated if you’re caught. Just look at what happened to A-Rod and Lance Armstrong.

While many of these bodybuilding supplements that work are still available today from black market sellers, you need to know that these steroids come with truly dangerous side effects.

  • They can cause damage to the kidneys and liver. Jaundice, for example, is a very common side effect of steroid use. This damage to the kidneys and liver are the primary reason why even proponents of steroid use impose a time limit.
  • They cause hypertension and other cardiac conditions. These changes in blood pressure can really affect your overall health.
  • Other common side effects include enlarged breasts, diarrhea, severe acne, and excessive sweating. Others report either excessive hair growth, while those who already have the gene for premature hair loss go bald.
  • They can also affect how you feel. Many users of steroids report feeling anxious and jittery, and some experience temper problems which people call “Road Rage”. Insomnia is commonplace among steroid users. Many steroid users suffer from shrunken testicles, and erectile dysfunction is not uncommon.
  • They can affect the hormones in your body. For example, it has long been known that most steroids prevent your body from producing testosterone naturally, which is why testosterone boosters often accompany many types of steroids.
  • Many steroids have to be injected, and for some people, this can be dangerous if they don’t know how to do it properly. Infections and air bubbles are potential hazards with frequent injections.

Illegal anabolic steroids side effects

Buying Illegal Steroids

Illegal steroids tend to be expensive, and that’s another problem. What’s more, you may not buy the real thing when you buy from the black market.

Because these substances are illegal, there’s no government oversight seeing to it that the ingredients in these products are actually safe. There’s no way to know if the manufacturing facilities used are safe and sanitary.

Since the ingredients they contain are essentially unknown, at best you may get something innocuous and ineffective.

At worst, what you take may lead to a long stay in a hospital because of all the nasty side effects they cause.

Illegal steroid users have very poor health in the long run, and those who take fake ingredients often fare worse.

Speaking of illegal steroids, don’t even think of trying these products.

Although anabolic steroids can help you build up muscles quickly, there are lots of side effects such as infertility, shrinking of testicles, and baldness.

If you are a woman, using steroids can lead to side effects like growth of facial hair, menstrual cycle changes or even cessation, and male-pattern baldness.

For adolescents, side effects include stunted growth.

Scary, isn’t it? So what supplement should you use? Which of these supplements are safe to use?

Perhaps more importantly, which of these products are effective, whether in helping you gain muscle mass, lose fat, or achieve a leaner body?

So What Should You Take For The Best Results?

So let’s summarize: what you need are legal no side effects supplements which actually do work without emptying your bank account.

There are several products which fit this description, and foremost among them are the products offered by Crazy Bulk. These products they offer are 100% legal and you don’t even need a prescription.

What’s more, they are all absolutely safe.

These Crazy Bulk supplements are formulated and manufactured in a cGMP certified facility in the US.

Their lab is inspected every year by the FDA to make sure that they consistently comply with current safety standards.

Each and every one of their ingredients is safe and legal, with no history of causing side effects.

Their effectiveness is also astonishing.

Research in bodybuilding supplements has progressed significantly since the 1970s and 80s when steroid use hit the mainstream and news reports of horrific side effects began circulating.

Now modern supplements can be both effective and safe, and Crazy Bulk supplements epitomize that achievement. They offer fast results, as you’ll get noticeable improvements in just 2 to 4 weeks.

They offer all the benefits of illegal steroids, but without the disadvantages. These are absolutely safe muscle building supplements.

So if you want bodybuilding supplements that work without risking your health, you need to go to http://crazybulk.com and find what you need.

They have cutting and bulking supplements, stacks and combos, testosterone boosters, and fat burners so that you can ensure you get the muscled body you deserve.

Crazy Bulk legal steroid crazy results big

Best Supplement for Increasing Muscle Mass

A good muscle gaining food supplement not only helps in increasing muscle mass at a rapid pace but also in improving your stamina.

The popular choice back then for bodybuilders was the anabolic steroid Anadrol, although it has been known as causing side effects like nausea and cirrhosis.

There’s a safer alternative in Anadrole which replicates the muscle building properties of Anadrol but does not cause any side effects.

Even better, Anadrole has a natural formula designed to improve muscle mass and strength by enhancing the nitrogen retention and muscle protein synthesis of the body.

It can also make you work out for longer hours by improving the red cell production in the body, which leads to increased rate of oxygen to the muscle cells.

Best Supplement for Reducing Body Fat

Have you ever wanted to sculpt a Mr. Universe-type of the body, with six-packs, triceps and biceps that can make you gain the attention of the opposite sex?

Then you would need to use a food supplement to develop a lean muscle physique.

While there are numerous cutting steroids popular among athletes and female bodybuilders, one product stands out — Anavar (Oxandrolone.)

Anavar not only aids in body fat reduction but also preserves muscle tissues while the person takes a diet with calorie restrictions.

As such, many bodybuilders use this for preparing their bodies for competitions, and even gym rats who want to achieve a leaner and tighter body.

But the problem with Anavar is that it can also cause serious side effects like liver damage and hair loss.

There’s an alternative to Anavar, called Anvarol. It works well for both sexes and can help gym-goers achieve a leaner body.

The secret is a unique blend of fat burning and anabolic properties that can maintain and improve muscle mass and strength as well as burn off visceral fats.

Even better, Anvarol does not have any side effect that can impact kidneys and liver. Thus you can develop a leaner body without compromising your health.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Crazy Bulk ultimate stack newWhether you want to improve your muscle mass, increase your strength and endurance, or achieve a ripped body, you’ll benefit from using a quality bodybuilding stack.

Another benefit of using a bodybuilding stack is that you can save money as you won’t need to buy and use different supplements for your various fitness goals.

Check out the products of Crazy Bulk which is a respected maker and distributor of legal anabolic steroids and the best bodybuilding supplements.

Try out their hardcore anabolic supplements that are integrated into four and eight-week stacking cycles, and be amazed at the results you’ll see in as short as 30 days.

Simply follow the instructions indicated on the bodybuilding stacks and get the ripped or muscular body you’ve always wanted.


FAQs – Your questions about bodybuilding supplements answered:

Why take bodybuilding supplements?

The answer is already in the meaning of the word supplement, which is defined as “something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it”.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to maximize your workouts to build bigger muscles, it is very difficult to get all the nutrients you need from just your normal diet alone.

It can also be very expensive to rely only on food to get the nutrients you need, and some supplements are cheaper.

Finally, supplements are often easier to prepare and consume. You can just take a capsule or down a quick drink, unlike food that you need to cook.

Are bodybuilding supplements natural?

Some are natural, others are not. That depends greatly on what kind of supplements we’re referring to.

In general, vitamin supplements contain synthetic compounds made from a lab. Most protein supplements, on the other hand, come from animal or plant sources.

Sometimes a supplement may be advertised as “organic”, which may mean it’s natural. But it may turn out that it contains only 10% organic material and the rest are synthetic chemicals.

However, it also depends on what people mean by “natural”.

Some people even think that only real food sources are natural, and so that doesn’t count every supplement that comes in capsule or powder form.

Natural supplements for bodybuildng

Are bodybuilding supplements steroids?

No, they’re not. This is a common mistake among some newbies since supplement manufacturers sometimes advertise effects that you can actually achieve very quickly with steroids.

But steroids are illegal to use without a prescription, and they work by influencing your hormone levels. Supplements are purely nutritional, and they can be bought over the counter.

You can use them without fear of breaking any league rules, unlike steroids that are banned by just about every major athletic league in the world.

When to take bodybuilding supplements?

Some of them are pre workout supplements others should be taken with meals. In general, you need to take them according to the label instructions. That’s always the safest and most effective time for them.

How to cycle bodybuilding supplements?

Cycling is about taking supplements for a limited amount of time and then stopping for a bit before resuming.

This is done usually because your body can develop a tolerance for the ingredients in the supplement, so that it may become less effective over time.

In other cases, cycling is necessary to give your body respite when the supplement stresses your system.

Cycling depends on what type of supplements you’re taking. In general, you need to stop taking the supplement when the effect becomes noticeably less over time.

For pre-workout supplements that often contain caffeine, this is usually 6 to 8 weeks. You can rest from the supplement for about 2 to 3 weeks before you resume.

Some supplements, however, don’t need to be cycled. That’s because they don’t disrupt the natural processes of your body.

These include protein supplements, multivitamins, glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-alanine, and BCAAs.

Crazy Bulk bodybuilding supplements stacksHow to stack bodybuilding supplements?

“Stacking” means combining several supplements together, and you do this because they work more effectively that way.

You can stack different supplements because each one takes care of a different need.

So you can take caffeine supplements for energy, protein shakes for muscle growth and multivitamins for general health.

You may take a supplement but it can cause side effects, and you take a second supplement to alleviate those side effects.

Or you can take 2 different supplements because when they work together they somehow become much more effective so that 1 +1 somehow becomes 3.

There are many ways to stack supplements, but a stack may have different effects on various individuals.

Sometimes a supplement manufacturer may also offer ready-made stacks of their own supplements because they were specifically designed to work together.

What bodybuilding supplements are dangerous?

There’s a very long list of bodybuilding supplements that can be considered dangerous.

The first thing you should check out is the latest World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List, which contains all the substances that are prohibited mainly because they cause serious side effects.

The FDA also bans certain ingredients and supplements that contain these ingredients. These ingredients include ephedrine, DMAA, DMBA, and BMPEA.

Finally, Consumer Reports have identified 12 supplement ingredients that have been linked to serious side effects.

  1. ACONITE (aconiti tuber, aconitum, radix aconiti)
  2. BITTER ORANGE (aurantii fructus, Citrus aurantium, zhi shi)
  3. CHAPARRAL (creosote bush, Larrea divaricata, larreastat)
  4. COLLOIDAL SILVER (ionic silver, native silver, Silver in suspending agent)
  5. COLTSFOOT (coughwort, farfarae folium leaf, foalswort)
  6. COMFREY (blackwort, common comfrey, slippery root)
  7. COUNTRY MALLOW (heartleaf, Sida cordifolia, silky white mallow)
  8. GERMANIUM (Ge, Ge-132, germanium-132)
  9. GREATER CELANDINE (celandine, chelidonii herba, Chelidonium majus)
  10. KAVA (awa, Piper methysticum, kava-kava)
  11. LOBELIA (asthma weed, Lobelia inflata, pukeweed, vomit wort)
  12. YOHIMBE (yohimbine, Corynanthe yohimbi, Corynanthe johimbi)

Are bodybuilding supplements safe?

It depends on which supplements you take, which manufacturers made them, and where you bought them from.

A manufacturer may not be diligent enough to keep contaminants from their supplements, or a seller may offer fake copies of famous supplements.

Some supplements can interact badly with your other medications, or cause you harm if you already have a preexisting condition.

Some that don’t cause side effects in others may cause side effects with you. It’s why it is crucial that you talk to your doctor if you plan to take any sort of bodybuilding supplement.

Where to buy bodybuilding supplements?

The best place to buy them is to go online. There are plenty of retail websites that specialize in supplements, and some even focus mostly on bodybuilding supplements.

Just make sure that it’s a reputable and secure website, and it’s preferable that there are plenty of reviews for the supplements so that you can make an informed decision regarding your purchases.

You may also want to ask around your gym for some recommendations. Some gyms even sell these supplements, so you can get them right away.

Safe bodybuilding supplements from Crazy Bulk



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