If you use steroids for muscle building or even supplements that are steroid alternatives you should finish your cycles with Post Cycle Therapy.

Unfortunately, most steroid cycle users ignore the importance of Post Cycle Therapy.

Therefore, I’ll start by discussing the Post Cycle Therapy process and introduce to you a Post Cycle Therapy supplement from Crazy Bulk that is easy to manage solution for PCT.

What is a Post Cycle Therapy Process

Post cycle therapy is a recovery process that athletes and weightlifters go through after completing their steroid cycle (in other words, after taking steroids or their alternatives).

As I discussed in this article, taking anabolic steroids stops the body from producing testosterone in a natural way, which results in an increase in the levels of estrogens.

This increment results in negative health conditions like gynecomastia.

To counteract these side effects, users take pharmaceutical drugs to reduce the levels of estrogens and increase testosterone levels.

What is the best post cycle therapy supplement

The drugs used during PCT contain SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) and AIs (Aromatase Inhibitor).

SERMs reduce estrogen levels while increasing testosterone levels.  One of the best SERM drugs used by bodybuilders is called Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate). Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is the second most popular choice.

These two drugs are used for the same purpose, which is to reduce the levels of estrogen.

Both Clomid and Nolvadex are effective for PCT. Many people believe that these drugs are 100% safe, but that’s not the case.

Both these drugs increase testosterone levels by using chemicals.

Therefore, these drugs also come with their own side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Hot flashes
  • Bone and muscle pain

These side effects may seem subtle, but they could take a toll on your body.

The best part is that you can recover from your steroid side effects without having to use these supplements.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a post cycle therapy without having to worry about side effects, I’d advise you to use the best, natural and effective PCT supplement.

I’ve already done the hard work and researched various Post Cycle therapies and how they work.

So, I know what works and what doesn’t. Here, I’ll be talking about the best post cycle therapy solution – and that’s PCT from Crazybulk.

What is PCT from Crazy Bulk?

Crazybulk is one of the top brands of the bodybuilding supplement industry. Their high-quality PCT is one of the best sellers on the supplement market today.

Crazybulk PCT is a natural detox. It detoxifies the liver, cleanses the body while boosting the stamina for the post cycle workout.

Why do you need to include PCT supplement into your daily routine?

  • For size retention and strength gains
  • To control cortisol and restore your hormone functions, after some period of temporary shutdown.
  • To avoid side effects that come with the steroid cycle
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • To suppress estrogen

If you need an all-in-one solution, I’d advise you to go for PCT from Crazybulk, every time.

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Let’s discuss the ingredients of Crazybulk PCT.


Crazybulk PCT contains properly-balanced ingredients needed by the body to preserve muscle gains, restore hormones, and cleanses the body.

They include:

Zinc Citrate – This ingredient enhances your immune system and helps them maintain healthy blood cells. Zinc boosts better sleep quality and enhances the recovery process after a workout regime.

Milk thistle – It helps to restore liver damages caused by excess use of steroids. It reduces problems of liver inflammation and brings back its normal function.

Tribulus Terrestris – It maintains energy, boost the level of testosterone, and prevents muscle loss.

Saw Palmetto – It is an anti-estrogenic that regulates the levels of hormones after recovering from a steroid cycle.

Grape Seed Extract– It is an effective suppressor of aromatase and estrogen and it contains the features of a great antioxidant.

How Does PCT Works?

PCT Crazy BulkPCT fights the inevitable end results of a steroid cycle:

  • Elevated estrogen
  • Low testosterone
  • Accelerated level of cortisol
  • Loss of strength and muscle
  • Water retention
  • Infertility
  • Energy loss

Using vegan-approved, well-researched post cycle formula, Crazybulk’s PCT detoxifies the liver, reduces the activities of harmful radicals, and wipes off toxins from the body.

Also, PCT uses a potent dose of active ingredients that control and normalize the activities of hormones to increase nitric oxide, boost testosterone, and control cortisol for a swift recovery from your post-cycle.


  • Safe, natural, and effective Post cycle Detox
  • Fast action, you’ll see the result in less than 14 days.
  • Maintains the size and the strength you’ve gained
  • Restore the normal functions of your hormones
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Increases Libido and testosterone
  • Free delivery all over the world

How To Include Post Cycle Therapy In Your Daily Routine

This is a step by step instruction on how to include Post Cycle Therapy into your daily routine:

Step 1:

Use 1 PCT capsule during breakfast and 1 capsule at lunch.  Based on the instructions, these capsules are for the workout and post-workout days. You are always guaranteed the best results when you take them consistently.

Step 2:

Always ensure to include the post-workout self-care in your routine. Exercise is a positive process of damaging the body.

When you work out, you’ll experience stress and strain on your muscle. The body then rebuilds and strengthens them during the period of recovery.

Make sure you eat good food to support your workout regime. Do proper stretches and look out for the aches and pains that do not align with your workout intensity.

Exercises are mostly neglected by most people on a PCT cycle. Like any supplement out there, PCT will never replace your healthy habits.

What to use for Post Cycle Therapy

Is This Supplement Safe To Use?

I have said it in previous reviews, and I’m still saying it.  There is no perfect supplement that is 100% free from side effects.

That’s why I’d keep advising you to always speak with your doctor because it is your doctor that will guide you in rare cases of contraindications or allergies.

If you’re on a particular prescription that may interact with the PCT ingredients, speak with your doctor and do some extra research before using them.

However, ingredients of Post Cycle Therapy from Crazybulk are clinically tested and are not harmful to the body.

Use according to instructions, maintain a healthy diet and you’ll be fine using PCT from Crazybulk.

Do you need other PCT supplements (like Nolvadex and Clomid) with this product?

No. Crazybulk has already done the hard work and made this supplement as an alternative. Hence, you do not have to use other PCT supplements.

Where can you get Post Cycle Therapy?

Post Cycle Therapy is only available online and you can only purchase it from their website.

A bottle contains a 30 day supply and it’d cost you $49.95.

Crazy Bulk are currently offering the options of buy two and get the third for free. You can only get that through their website.

Is Crazy Bulk’s Pct Considered Legal And Safe For Use?

PCT from Crazybulk is crystal legal, without questions. This is unlike steroids which are illegal for use, when not prescribed.

PCT from Crazybulk is absolutely safe to use based on your personal preference without legal repercussions. I’d still advise you to follow the recommended dosage (one capsule in the morning and the second at lunch.)

Is Crazybulk PCT another scam?

One thing I’m confident about, after extensive research on Crazy Bulk is the fact that their products are legit.

Crazy Bulk sets the loop and you do not have to worry about the veracity of this over the counter PCT. Above all, they are FDA approved (I first check for that before reviewing a product).

PCT from Crazybulk is a GMP and FDA laboratory-produced product from the United State using a top-quality, pharmaceutical ingredient prepared under strict guidelines. This product is not another scam!

Moreover, you can check online for numerous independent reviews from happy customers.

My Final Conclusion

Of course, PCT from Crazybulk is the post-solution for bodybuilders who want to get back to their normal hormonal function after a steroid cycle.

This supplement gets your hormones back to function after a short break of the steroid cycle. Your muscle mass is completely safe and free of dangerous toxins.

Out of the few natural PCT supplements that I have checked, this one top the list for one very reason: Best quality and 100% natural ingredients that work with no serious side effects.

One more thing, I’d advise you not to cut corners with your PCT cycle because it could turn out risky for your health. Save yourself the hassle by getting this supplement pill.

Make sure you complete the 30 days therapy. I think buying 2 bottles is the best option. Remember, when you buy 2 you’ll be getting the third one for free (who doesn’t love goodies).

All I can say is that this Post Cycle supplement will not disappoint you!

Are you willing to wake up your sleeping hormones with PCT from Crazybulk?

Get PCT from Crazy Bulk here:

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