If you are like most other fitness enthusiasts, you’ll consider venturing into using steroids and supplements to maximize the time you spend in the gym.  D balls steroids or dianobol is one of the most popular steroids in the bodybuilding community, but there are numerous issues that you might encounter.  In this write-up, you’ll have an in-depth look at d-balls, the ingredients, effects, benefits, risks, legality and if you should take it or not.  

What is the d balls steroid?

D-ball or dbol is the popular moniker for the bodybuilding supplement that is originally called dianabol.  D-ball is generally classified as an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS).  The most accessible forms of dianabol are the capsule, liquid injectable and tablet. D-ball is usually stronger than its other counterparts.  Therefore, it is very important to know the risks that are associated with this bodybuilding supplement.  

What was the dianabol steroid’s original purpose?

Surprisingly, dianabol wasn’t formulated for bodybuilding or people with active lifestyle.  Cuba Pharmaceuticals manufactured and patented dianabol in 1954.  The first use for dianabol was strictly medical.  It was meant for men with hypogonadism.  Dbol was, and still is a potent androgen replacement therapy to treat hypogonadism since it helps maintain a healthy bone and muscle mass.  Men who took the dbol treatment could not stop talking about how effective it is.  Thus, the popularity of dianabol boomed not just in North America, but in Europe in less than a decade. 

How can dbol benefit bodybuilders?

How can dbol benefit bodybuilders

Dbol is undoubtedly one of the favorite supplements in the weightlifter’s circle.  There’s a very good reason for this popularity.  This is because it has been proven very helpful in increasing muscle growth and agility.  Not only that, your post workout recovery will be much faster when you are on dianabol.  Dianabol causes a surge in the body’s testosterone levels.  As we all know, testosterone is associated to more physical strength and power.  Not only that, dbol increases the red blood cell count which eventually leads to more muscle growth.  For gym goers, this means more leaner muscles.  

How does dianabol work inside the body?

Dianabol is scientifically known as metandienone, and is really chemically produced to mimic the testosterone androgen.  For those who aren’t so familiar with testosterone, this is the primary reproductive male hormone that’s responsible for masculinity, muscle growth,  male fertility and other essential bodily functions for men.  

For bodybuilders, the effect of dbol happens with the activation of the anabolic pathways of the internal organs of the body.  This is caused by the binding effect that dianabol has with other androgen receptors in the body.  Also, there will be a surge in the production of the red blood cells, and this helps the oxygen absorbed inside the body to function better.  Ultimately, all of these stimulation aids in the production of more lean muscles and stronger bones and joints. 

What’s the primary action of dianabol?

What’s the primary action of dianabol

When taken in moderation, dianabol really has amazing positive effects for people who live a very physically active lifestyle.  However, the main function of dianabol is to increase the testosterone levels of the body.  The secondary function of dbol is to enhance nitrogen retention.  When your body has more nitrogen, your muscles will be leaner because it absorbs less water.  Thus, you will also shed those unwanted body fats.  

What are the active dianabol ingredients and how do they work?

Just like most other supplements and medicine, deal also has many different ingredients, some of them are organic and some of them are chemically made.  The most active ingredients of dbol are the following:

– suma root

– ashwagandha

– vitamin D3

– magnesium

–  L-Isoleucine

– tribulus terrestris

– sodium hyaluronate

Suma root, the most potent ingredient of dianabol

The main and most active ingredient is Suma root.  This herb is popularly called as “Mother Earth’s natural steroid” in the South American countries.  Suma root is one of the most potent herbs in increasing synthesis of our body’s proteins.  This leads to the production of muscle growth, less water weight and reduction of muscle soreness after an intensive physical activity.  All of the other ingredients mentioned above have been scientifically and medically proven to raise the levels of testosterone, heightened agility, and stronger bones.  

Positive testimonies and reviews about dianabol

When taken safely with the supervision of a physician or other medical professionals, the effects of dbol for weightlifters, athletes, or typical active gym goers are superb!  Most attest to having a faster muscle growth and faster weight loss.  Most weightlifters who take dbol properly experience a muscle gain of 8 to 12 lbs in 4 to 5 weeks.

One professional athlete said that taking moderate doses of dbol helped him recover from his injury faster.  When he went back to compete as an athlete, there was no difference in his performance.  It was as if he never got injured! 

Can women take dianabol too?

Since dbol will significantly increase the testosterone levels of the body, it can be challenging for women to take dianabol.  But, it is still possible to take dbol capsules and tablets in very low dosages.  It is never a good idea for women to take dbol without getting a complete physical checkup first.  

Who can take dbol? 

Even physicians can honestly say that anyone over 18 can take dianabol without having to experience the dreaded side-effects that comes along with it.  However, the rule of the thumb is for a person never to take dbol unsupervised.  Pregnant and nursing mothers cannot take dbol or any other supplements for weight loss and bodybuilding.  

What are the most popular dianabol cycle for beginners?

Like other steroid cycles, there are also many different types of dbol cycles.  Since dbol has the ability to greatly enhance the testosterone levels of the body, the cycle’s main purpose is for strength and bulking up.  It is crucial to remember that dbol is not for shedding.  Weight loss does happen, but it is not as fast as other supplements for cutting and shedding.  

For beginners, the most recommended cycle lasts for 8 to 12 weeks.  The amount of dbol taken should be somewhere between 5 to 50 mg (capsule or tablet form).  Be wise and avoid the injectable form of dianabol if this is your first time to have a steroid cycle.  

Here’s the sequence – take dbol for 4 to 6 weeks.  Begin with 5 mg and add 5 to 10 mg of dbol on the following week, until you finish 4 to 6 weeks of taking it.  Then give your body a break from dbol.  Rest for 4 weeks.  When the resting period is over, you can take dbol again for 4 to 6 weeks.

Should you try having a dbol steroid cycle?

While it is possible to take very small amounts of dbol all the time, being on a dianabol cycle is totally different.  When you go through a steroid cycle properly, you’ll be surprised on how fast you’ll achieve your personal fitness goals.  

If you want to jack up your muscle growth and still feel energetic even after a 90 minute intensive workout with heavy weightlifting, then try out a dianabol cycle.  As mentioned earlier, if it is your first attempt, never take the injectable form of this steroid.  

What’s the downside of using dianabol unsupervised?

While the benefits that have been mentioned earlier are quite enticing to anyone whose ultimate goal is to be ripped and have a more bulked upper body, there’s still a catch.  Though dianabol has been around for decades, the medical researchers still don’t fully understand all of the side effects that dianobol might cause to the body.  Yes, taking it under the supervision of a licensed medical professional is highly recommended.  However, this doesn’t mean that your body won’t experience discomforts.  

Because medical professionals themselves still can’t figure out how taking dianobol for recreational purposes can truly affect the human body, it has been banned in other countries.  Here in the USA, purchasing dbol can be tricky.  There are so many dbol products that aren’t FDA approved.  

The most tolerable side-effects of dianabol are the following:

  1. Shrinkage of penis and testicles due to long-term use of dbol
  2. More rapid baldness due to a surge in the testosterone levels for men
  3. Unwanted facial hair, deeper voice and possible baldness for women.  Again, this is because women will have androgen imbalance.  
  4. Irregular menstrual cycle and severe menstrual cramps for women.  This is still related to the androgen imbalance that will occur when women take dianabol.
  5. Stunted growth, acne, and excessive body hair for teenagers who take dianabol.  This is why only those who are 18 and above should take dbol as a workout supplement.
  6. Mood swings and severe insomnia can occur when you are on a dianabol cycle. 

The more serious health risks that can possibly occur when taking dbol are the following:

  • hypertension
  • Liver cirrhosis 
  • Cardiovascular problems 
  • Blood clotting (for those who still consume fatty foods)
  • Infertility
  • Weakening of the bones
  • Higher cancer risks
  • Higher risk of having breast cancer for women
  • Severe heart problems that can lead to stroke or heart attack

Is it legal to purchase dianabol in America?

Yes, it is legal to buy dianabol here in America.  The most trusted source online is Crazybulk.  Though FDA has warned about using dbol without the go-signal from your physician, many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts have been taking dbol unsafely.  Aside from Crazybulk, there are others who sell FDA approved dbol tablets and capsules.  It is best to contact the American FDA to ask a list of where you can purchase dianabol and other steroid supplements for bodybuilding purposes.

Is it possible for me to get addicted to dianabol?

Yes.  It can definitely happen.  It won’t happen instantaneously because this is not narcotics.  I am quite certain that you have heard of people who got addicted to sleeping pills.  Some people also got addicted to pain killers.  Same thing can happen to anyone who takes dianabol, or any other steroids.  This is why, I will reiterate the importance of taking dbol only under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.  Don’t be swayed by the pretty and enticing promises of some gym coaches who’ll try to peddle their steroid products to you.  

Types of addiction from steroids:

1. Physical addiction

While the second type of addiction is easier to overcome, it is also quite possible for your nervous system to be totally dependent on taking dbol or any other types of steroids for that matter.  Those who try to slow down on their steroid intake usually experience intense migraines, lack of appetite, bouts of severe anxiety and depression, vomiting and involuntary trembling.  

2. Psychological addiction

This type of addiction is usually easier to overcome since it has emotional and mental root causes.  However, it can lead to experiencing “muscle dysmorphia,” a severe emotional condition.  People suffering from muscle dysmorphia usually look at the mirror just to loathe at their own bodies even if they are considered by many others to be physically fit.  Women who battle from steroid addiction usually suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Withdrawal symptoms for those who decide to beak free from steroid addiction could last for 2 weeks or even months.  

Alternative means to build muscle mass and increase strength naturally

1. Change your diet

This is surely going to sound cliche.  Nevertheless, the first step to gaining permanent strength, stamina, agility, and better bone, muscle and cardiovascular functions is to always eat healthier.  We are really what we eat.  Everything we put inside our bodies is going to affect us directly.  Having more fruits, green vegetables, water, deep sea fish, lean meat from organically fed animals will surely go a long way.  

2. Work with a fitness coach and download a fitness app

It can definitely be a little pricey to hire a personal fitness coach, but it is totally worth every single penny that you shell out.  This is the perfect move after you have been able to establish healthier and more organic eating habits.  However, if your budget is tight, then a mobile fitness app is the more affordable option.  Keep in mind though, that when you use this app, you have to be very motivated.  Most fitness apps have a journal to help you track your progress.  Having an accountability partner also goes a long way.  

3. Meditate regularly and sleep better

Meditation is not only good for the emotions, but the body as well.  It has been a proven scientific fact that those who meditate at least once a day, for half an hour or so feel less stressed.  Not only that, you’ll sleep better too.  Good sleep and a happier outlook will aid in the production of healthier cells.  


Now that you have a better understanding on what dianabol steroid is, you can make a more informed decision if this is a good steroid for you.  Always remember that the best way for you to attain your most coveted muscular and bulky appearance as a bodybuilder is always the harder way that will take twice more time, effort and requires tons of sacrifice and patience.  But hey, no side effects!  

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